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19th December 2018

It was a warm September morning in 2005 that I first saw Homefield Grange. Nestled on the edge of a country village, a stone built farmhouse and outbuildings stood hugging its cobbled courtyard. Horses lazily grazed on surrounding green pastures.

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4th December 2018

It can be difficult to eat healthily at this time of year – there are way too many temptations!  Rather than risk offending your hosts or depriving yourself or your guests, try the following swaps and choices that may mitigate at least some of the damage.

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13th November 2018

There’s been a lot in the press over the last year or so about the dangers of sugar.  In nutritional circles, this is old news, but we have been heartened to see, not only the media but parliament finally catching up on this insidious threat to the nation's health.

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5th November 2018

This week is International Stress Awareness week, with 7th November being National Stress Awareness Day. These days there can be few people who are unable to identify any major sources of stress in our lives.  Work pressure, family demands, upkeep of homes, financial concerns, uncertainty about the future are standard fare these days.

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16th October 2018

Who knew there was an International Sloth Day??!!  Apparently, this day was created in 2010 by the AIUNAU Foundation, a non-profit conservation, and wildlife organization based in Colombia. The unofficial holiday raises awareness about the life cycle and natural habitat of the Sloth. The day also calls on people to learn more about these native South and Central American animals.

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11th Oct – World Egg Day

12th October 2018

Eggs are such a wonderful food!!  Quick, easy, versatile, cheap, portable and highly nutritious, they are perfect for any meal, sweet or savory. There is so much nutrition crammed into this little package.  Eggs are a great source of complete protein (has all the essential amino acids), plus vitamins A, B2, B12, D, Folate, Biotin, Choline, Phosphorus, Iodine and  Selenium.  And all for only 70 calories for a medium-sized egg!

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9th October 2018

World Vegetarian Day was founded in 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) and October 1st is the start of Vegetarian Awareness Month. Much has been said about the benefits of a vegetarian diet, both to human health and the health of the planet.  Many studies over the years have shown that vegetarians tend to have lower rates of coronary heart disease, lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, lower the rate of cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

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September is Organic Month – 15th September is Organic Day

20th September 2018

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the provenance of their food and with good reason.  Non-organic food may have been genetically modified, sprayed with a variety of pesticides, fungicides, weed killers, washed with chlorine-based detergents and polished with waxes.  The debate about the effect on our health of these chemicals either individually or cumulatively rages on.

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The Secret to Eternal Youth? Eat More Chocolate and Drink More Wine?!

20th September 2018

Recent research has found that the average woman in the UK spends over £2,000 per year on beauty products, with the 45 – 54-year-old group spending the most. But did you know that eating blueberries and dark chocolate can keep you looking young and wrinkle-free?  Flavonoids contained in these foods help rejuvenate DNA in our cells and stop the degeneration of telomeres, the protective tips of our chromosomes.  Flavonoids are also found in red grapes and red wine.

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Fast forward for anti-ageing

28th June 2018

Over the last few years, many studies have shown the benefit of calorie restriction and intermittent fasting.  Benefits include weight loss, increased fat burning, muscle gain, improved energy levels, and improved insulin sensitivity. A recent trial, known as CALERIE (Comprehensive Assessment of the Long Term Effects of Reducing Intake of Energy) tested the metabolic effects of calorie restriction in a group of 53 healthy, non-obese volunteers who cut calories by 15% over two years.

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