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Sound Bowl Healing – take your relaxation to a deeper level

Sound Bowl Healing – take your relaxation to a deeper level

20th December 2021

What is Sound Bowl Healing?

Sound bowl, or singing bowl healing is an ancient practice of sound therapy that produces a deeply relaxing effect for our emotional and physical health. The vibrations created by the sound bowls are used to retune and rebalance the body. The sound of the bowls allows deep relaxation of both sides of the brain – stimulating stress relief and help eliminate toxins from the body.

Sound bowls can be made out of various materials. Homefield’s Mind Body Practitioner, will be using crystal bowls of different sizes renowned for their healing properties. The 7 various sizes of the crystal bowls specifically relate to the different ‘chakras.’

What are your Chakras?

Your ‘chakras’ are energy centres within your body that control every aspect of your physical, mental and spiritual well being and it is said for good health, you need to keep these energy centres ‘open’ to allow a good flow of energy to circulate around your body. Sound healing is said to promote this positive flow.

Where are your Chakras located?

Your chakras and their position in your body are:

1st – Root Chakra – base of your spine
2nd – Sacral Chakra – just below your belly button
3rd – Solar Plexus Chakra – stomach
4th – Heart Chakra – heart
5th – Throat Chakra – throat
6th – Third Eye Chakra – in between your eyes
7th – Crown Chakra – top of your head

The Importance of Relaxation and Mental Health

Not many of us can state that we have not suffered with stress at some time or other. Life can be demanding! Many of us suffer from the impact of stress leading to increased blood pressure, headaches, poor digestion, problems sleeping, weight gain and feeling overwhelmed. Learning to relax and release the pressure cooker of life is essential to counteract the negative impact of stress on our body and mind.

Sound bowl healing truly facilitates a space for you to relax, it is once the body moves into its parasympathetic state, (rest and digest), the body can work on healing and repairing itself. Research at the State University of New York shows that sound bowl therapy has a profound effect on balancing our hormones and helps release nitric oxide which is vital for good heart health and the lowering of high blood pressure.

Homefield is excited to announce that we will be introducing the opportunity to experience Sound Bowl Healing during your residential stays.

We really look forward to sharing this new therapy with you all. Sound bowl healing is being integrated within a number of our wellness programs as of 2022.

Here is some feedback from one of our lovely guests…

“I have just completed my first session of Sound bowl healing, I didn’t know what to expect. The room was warm and welcoming, I entered into a complete state of relaxation, that evening after my initial session I had a deep relaxing sleep and woke up feeling refreshed.”


Ready to feel lighter, brighter? Change happens quickly at Homefield.

If you need to relax, lose weight, detox from unhealthy habits and need the motivation to gain powerful results, give our friendly reception team a ring on 9am to 6.30pm daily, 01536 712219.

Our residential programmes are designed to get you feeling and looking great fast. Find out more here.

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