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What Causes Wrinkles and Skin Damage?

27th June 2022

If you have noticed that your skin is beginning to wrinkle and show signs of wear and tear, it can be disheartening, particularly if your complexion is beginning to affect...

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7 Ways to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

20th June 2022

Few things can make you look as healthy, vibrant, and youthful as having supple, glowing skin, bursting with vitality. Radiant skin is one of the clearest signs of good health...

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Is Hypnotherapy Effective for Weight Loss?

23rd March 2022

What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is a tool that some therapists use to help individuals reach a state of total relaxation. During a hypnotherapy session, practitioners believe that the unconscious and...

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How Can Mindfulness Change Your Life?

9th February 2022

The power of mindfulness is something we have been practising for many years at Homefield Grange Health & Wellness Spa Retreat and continues to prove an extremely popular part of...

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How to Lose Belly Fat

1st February 2022

Our clients often complain that all their excess weight is around their middle.  They can have skinny arms and legs, but the weight just seems to settle around the middle,...

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