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Hold The Line For Fertility! 📱

31st July 2019

and general health……….. We have all become so attached to our mobile phones.  We feel lost without them, panicked that someone might not be able to get hold of us...

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Go To Work On An Egg!! 🥚

31st July 2019

A low carb breakfast improves blood sugar levels for whole day   One of the key messages that residential clients of Homefield take away with them is to replace high carb...

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Working long hours increases stroke risk!

20th July 2019

Homefield’s clients are often very successful business people 😩 But that success often comes at a price of long working hours, constant stress and pressure, and poor work/life balance.  We...

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How To Flex Your Portion Control Muscles?

17th July 2019

This weeks’ blog summarises the informative talk given by Naturopathic Practitioner Suzanne Peck at this weeks open evening on Portion Control at Homefield.      Remember there is no free...

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World Well-Being Week – 24th June

18th June 2019

The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of well-being is “ a state of being comfortable, happy and healthy”.   Sounds easy doesn’t it, but how many of us really feel that sense...

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The Key to Effective Weight Loss

4th April 2019

People often ask ‘What is the secret to losing weight?’ when they see a friend drop a few dress sizes, or they have a target date that they want to lose weight in time for. We see so many ads for ‘miracle weight loss pills’, or diets that have helped celebrities to lose weight and plenty of people are happy to part with their hard earned cash in the hope that they too can shed the pounds.

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