Rasul Mud Treatment 

The Rasul Mud Treatment is an ancient Arabian body cleansing therapy designed to detox and revive tired bodies.
Your therapist will apply a mineral rich warm mud selected specifically due to its mineral rich properties to your back and then leave you to apply to the rest of your body.

Then, just sit back and relax in your own personal cabin for 20 minutes, with dimmed lights and relaxing fibre optic lights that fill the ceiling.
Warm steam will gently open your pores, which allows your skin to absorb the mud more efficiently.

As the temperature rises, the mud dries naturally and draws out impurities.

Once the mud has performed its magic, your treatment will finish with a warm shower to gently wash away the remaining mud.


Benefits of a Rasul Mud Treatment

Not only will you feel relaxed during your Rasual Treatment but your body will be working hard.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, the treatment will aid your body to release toxins through your sweat. The properties of the Rasual mud will help to calm and soothe inflamed skin.

The heat will help to stimulate a sluggish circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce muscle spasms and relieve inflammation.
Your skin will be left feeling, cleansed, glowing and silky smooth.

After your Rasul treatment you will be relaxed and cleansed, we advise guests to couple their treatment with a full body massage for that touch of pure luxury.

Mud Therapy
Rasul Mud Therapy

Rasual Treatment for Two

The Rasual treatment chamber is designed for two, which makes it an ideal treatment for friends and couples, where you can relax in peace and tranquillity together.


What to Wear for Your Rasual Treatment

When undergoing any of our treatments our main priority is your comfort, we would advise you to attend your Rasual Treatment without any clothes, although paper underwear can be provided.

Rasul Mud Treatment Prices


Rasul Ritual for One
(30mins) £49

Rasul Ritual for Two
(30mins) £69 

Rasul Ritual combined with Full Body
Massage Treatment

(75 mins) £129

Rasul Ritual combined with Full Body
Massage Treatment for Two

(75 mins) £225