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Why Do I Have a Bloated and Gassy Stomach all the Time?

Why Do I Have a Bloated and Gassy Stomach all the Time?

26th August 2021

Why do I have a bloated and gassy stomach all the time? Is a question we get asked a lot at Homefield. People always expect a one-word answer and often want a one-pill solution. But the reality is that the digestive system is complex and there can be many different mechanisms at work.

Here are 9 possible causes of your bloated stomach :

1 Eating too quickly/not chewing your food properly
This can result in undigested food rotting and fermenting in your gut, causing uncomfortable stomach bloating and gas.

Try not to eat on the move, sit down, eat slowly and consciously. Try to chew each mouthful 25 times.


2 Drinking a lot of fluid with a meal
Drinking a lot of fluid with a meal can dilute your stomach acid which can also result in food not being fully digested, and key nutrients not being absorbed.

Stop drinking 20—30 minutes before a meal and start again 20-30 minutes after your meal. In particular, avoid iced drinks when eating.


3 Food intolerances
Food intolerances can cause bloating and gas, the main culprits are wheat and dairy which come up time and again on our Food Intolerance Test. You are more likely to develop an intolerance to the foods you consume most often, so rotate and vary your diet as much as possible.

Book yourself in for Homefield’s Dietary Food Intolerance Test which tests your reactions to 120 different items.


4 Imbalanced gut bacteria
Bacteria in the large intestine help complete the breakdown of food, repair the gut lining, strengthen immune system, and keep our bowel movements regular. Your microbiome also influences all aspects of your health including your heart, brain, weight, diabetes risk, stress response and mood, energy and inflammation.

Probiotic supplements are available to help balance your gut bacteria, ask our practitioners for a recommendation for a probiotic supplement.


5 Fizzy water/drinks and artificial sweeteners
If you get most of your hydration from fizzy water or drinks, you are likely to be gassy. Diet drinks or flavoured drinks labelled as “no sugar” will usually contain artificial sweeteners which disrupt the metabolism and the balance of gut bacteria (see 4 above)

Occasional, naturally sparkling plain water is OK as a special drink, but aim to get most of your hydration from still, filtered, plain water.


6 Stress
Stress shuts down the digestive system, so if you eat when you’re stressed, you will not be digesting your food properly leading to bloating and gas. Problems such as diarrhoea or constipation often also get worse with stress. In addition, stress often sees us reaching for starchy, sugary foods which can create fermentation in the gut and feed bad bacteria and yeasts.

A relaxing stay at Homefield can melt away the stress, and while you’re here why not book a hypnotherapy or NLP session with Debs, our Wellness Coach.


7 Alcohol
Alcohol can also create fermentation in the gut, leading to bloating and gas. Beer, wine and sparkling wines tend to be the worst culprits, although the fizzy mixers that tend to go with spirits can also lead to bloating.

Avoid or minimise your alcohol intake.


8 Eating slumped on a sofa, or behind a steering wheel
Eating in a slumped position can slow down the passage of food through the gut leading to fermentation, bloating and gas.

Ensure you eat all meals sitting upright at a table (preferably not your work desk!).


9 Eating late at night
Your digestion is at its strongest during the day and its weakest at night. During sleep your body should be healing, repairing, detoxing, restoring. These important processes cannot happen if your body is busy digesting a full, late dinner. What’s more, digestion late at night will be incomplete and inefficient leading to…you guessed it! Bloating and gas!

Keep your evening meal as light as possible and as early as possible to allow your digestion a fighting chance.


From the above hopefully you will understand that your stomach bloating and gas can be caused by any of the above, or a combination of several of them. Pay attention, not only to what you are eating, but when and how you are eating/drinking, and also to your stress levels.

Break bad eating habits and create new ones by booking your residential stay at Homefield Grange Detox Retreat now!

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