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World Well-Being Week – 24th June

World Well-Being Week – 24th June

18th June 2019

The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of well-being is “ a state of being comfortable, happy and healthy”.   Sounds easy doesn’t it, but how many of us really feel that sense of well-being in our every-day lives?  In this 24/7 society, just making it through to the end of the day can seem like massive achievement, and few of us take time during our day to even think about our state of well-being, let alone do anything to achieve it.

That’s why so many people find that stepping out of the every-day and coming away to Homefield is a brilliant way to press the pause button of life, and to really focus on that state of being comfortable, happy and healthy. 

Healthy Eating:

Whether you’re doing our juice fast or our delicious light meals, our fresh, natural ingredients will put back into your body the nutrition that daily life takes out.   Alkalising vegetables, fruits and green superfood drinks will help reverse the acidity of a busy, stressful life, and bring the body back into balance.


Our exercise classes will bring movement and all its benefits back into your life:

  • Nordic walking gets you out into the countryside to enjoy fresh air and get your lymph moving and muscles in your whole body working.
  • Our Fit for Life classes (circuits) mixes up cardio, weights/resistance and fun to inspire and motivate you to make time for exercise when you get home.
  • And our yoga classes teach you how to stretch and lengthen tight and tense muscles, and to use breathing to achieve a state of peace and tranquillity


Our educational talks, movies and food demonstrations will also inspire you with practical tips to make some small changes that will bring about significant improvement in your health.   Bring a notepad and pen as you will want to write this stuff down!


Our treatment menu includes therapeutic treatments to improve your health and knowledge about yourself, as well as nurturing and pampering treatments that just make you feel great!.   Our Colon Hydrotherapy is a must for any detoxification programme.  Live Blood gives you a helicopter view of what’s going on in your body.  The Intolerance Test tells you which foods can be causing issues for you, and our Nutritional Consultation helps you identify habits and food choices that may be affecting your health, and gives you some great ideas for easy meals that will nourish and satisfy you.  

A wide range of holistic treatments will really help you to achieve that state of comfortable, happy and healthy.   Massages, Facials, Wraps, Reflexology, Rasul, Hamman, Bathing Rituals will help you to feel fabulous from top to toe.   The ultimate for a sense of well-being must be the Out of This World treatment.  This unique treatment takes place on a special bed (there’s only 2 of them in the UK!) filled with warm sand and healing crystals.  The sand cocoons and comforts you while you enjoy a full body massage which incorporates Tibetan Singing Bowl, poultices filled with healing crystals, light, sound. Clients tell us that they float out of the therapy room!

So what better way to celebrate World Well-Being Week than to book a stay at our heath and wellness retreat?   Join our clients who regularly tell us that they feel lighter, brighter, healthier, more positive, more comfortable in their skin, and yes, happy.  You will realise just how good it feels to feel good!!   You will remember that thriving, rather than just surviving is possible if you make some space and time to embrace the state of well-being into your life.




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