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Working long hours increases stroke risk!

Working long hours increases stroke risk!

20th July 2019

Homefield’s clients are often very successful business people ?

But that success often comes at a price of long working hours, constant stress and pressure, and poor work/life balance.  We always tell clients to make themselves and their health the top priority, but a recent study has emphasised how important a good work/life balance is.

Researchers in France have studied over 143,000 people and found that long working hours are a potential risk factor for cardiovascular disease and strokes in particular. [1]  They defined working time as more than 10 hours per day for at least 50 days of the year.  There was no difference in risk between men and women but white-collar workers under the age of 50 were most at risk. 

The French study looked at numbers, rather than reasons, but other research has found people who run their own businesses, CEOs and managers – in other words those in control, seem to be less affected by long hours – as opposed to those working irregular shifts and nights, or who have job-related stress and possibly a sense of powerless.


The Japanese have a word for it

– Karoshi death – death by overwork, [2] with young people in particular feeling pressurised into working long hours.  60% of reported Karoshi deaths are due to stroke.[3] In Japan there are now huge numbers of compensation claims for Koroshi deaths, and a big anti-Karoshi movement. 

Head of research at the Stroke Association, Dr Richard Francis said: “There are lots of simple things you can do to reduce the risk of a stroke, even if you work long hours.

“Eating a healthy diet, finding the time to exercise, stopping smoking and getting the recommended amount of sleep can make a big difference to your health.”[4]


Also take a lunch-break (remember those?!),

Try to leave work on time, don’t take work home with you and take regular holidays.  A residential stay at Homefield, even our Fri – Mon Reboot Package, can really help you to relax, rest, recuperate and reboot.   Those 4 R’s have never been more important!!


[1] https:/– 4




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