The Ultimate Detox

Begins every Monday 2pm, finishing Sunday morning with 11am check out.

Includes programme check in, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Nordic Walking, Yoga and exercise classes.  Health talks, food demonstrations, use of gym/fitness studio, daily infra red sauna, detox options of juicing, protein smoothies or light vegan, plant based diet, luxury venue and accommodation.

What is the ultimate detox?

Homefield’s Ultimate package is a health holiday designed to make a difference to the way you think, feel, eat and move.  Detox options of fresh juices, or a plant based light diet will cleanse your body inside and out.  Our health food demonstrations are included in your program and will show you the “how to” in looking after your diet.

Our health talks will address issues such as digestive health, sleep and breaking sugar cravings. They will inspire you to re-think old habits and motivate you to look after yourself better.

Guided Nordic Walking sessions and exercise classes will help you tone up, lose inches, burn excess fat and get you enjoying moving your body again.

Yoga, Stretch and Meditation classes can help lower your blood pressure, ease aches and pains, relax your mind and help you cope with the demands of your busy world.

Find out what foods suit you with an Intolerance Test, or see what secrets a Live Blood session may uncover. Colonic hydrotherapy can give a ‘clean slate’ feeling, offering your digestive system a fresh start.

If you’re after some pampering me time to complement your stay, a full range of holistic therapies await you from Hot Stone Massage to Decleor facials. Your Ultimate package already includes a programme health check in, Reflexology and an Indian Head Massage to help with stiffness and stress release.

We know that making changes by yourself can often feel like hard work – that’s why Homefield was created – to make it easy and comfortable.  From our venue to our staff, you’ll chose us if you want to make a difference to your life, delivered with quality and professionalism.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Homefield and helping you make positive inroads to your health and wellbeing.  Ring us on 01536 712219, Monday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm, or email at

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Ultimate Detox Homefield

What’s Included?

Included Treatments & Therapies

Programme Check In on Arrival, is an opportunity to chat about why you are here and what you wish to achieve, so we can offer some guidance accordingly on food/juicing options and therapies that will benefit you.

Indian Head Massage, a deeply relaxing massage that improves lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the neck, helping to remove waste products from the body.

Reflexology, (25 mins), boosts nerve function, increases energy, induces a deep state of relaxation and eliminates toxins.

Programme Check out, review your progress with a print out showing your body composition, showing, weight, BMI, BMR, body fat and bone mass.  We will revisit any recommendations for going home, discuss referrals, supplement requirements, 


Far Infra Red Sauna

Daily far infra-red sauna therapy helps restore a stressed mind and body and its gentle heat can help with general aches and pains.

It’s a great support to the detoxification process as it raises the core temperature of the body to help cleanse your system at a cellular level. Far Infra red saunas have even been shown to reduce blood pressure.

We recommend you start with body brushing and pop into the sauna for 30 mins morning and evening. Finish with an alternate hot/cold shower.

Supplements, Organic Teas, Purified Mineral Water, Food, Juices or Smoothie Options

There are many different ways of enjoying a detox. Homefield gives you options of juice fasting, or a freshly prepared plant based light diet option, (free from wheat, gluten, dairy and refined sugars).

Not sure which choice would be right for you? Don’t worry, you don’t have to decide now – when you arrive at Homefield, we will chat with you first to establish your goals, and we can offer you our advice and support on what’s best.

Additional Touches

Goodie Bag Going Home – you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch on your last day with us at 12noon, however to get you from A to B, we’ve provided you with a goodie bag of healthy snacks for the journey home.

Purified & Mineralised Water – enjoy unlimited purified mineral water during your stay.  Our mains have also been fitted with a water softener, which will keep your skin and hair soft and shiny during your stay.

Homefield Reception – we stock a full range of supplements, books, body brushes and incidentals that make it easy for you to stay on track and prepare for going home.

Practical Demonstrations, Health Talks

Clients love the practical aspects of our programmes. Let’s face it, being successful at staying on track for life, is knowing the right choices to make. Our practical food demos will show you how quick and easy preparing healthy good can be.  Not only will you go home with some great recipe ideas, you’ll be inspired to try them as soon as you get home.

Our health talks will address key health concerns, such as blood sugar balance, digestive health and sleep.  Also, you’ll get lots of good advice on how to stay on track.

Exercise Classes

We make your movement and exercise classes fun, informative and suitable for everyone, no matter what your fitness level. Why not put on some walking boots and try our Nordic Walking classes.

You may like to do our toning and cardio ‘Fit for Life’ sessions, or simply chill out at our yoga, stretch and meditation classes.

Do as much or as little as you like. For you gym bunnies, we have a treadmill, cross trainer, water cycle, rower, TRX system, rebounders, free weights and lots of DVD’s with studio space for your own personal practise.

Perhaps you might like to book your own personal trainer session with one of our teachers, to equip you with an exercise plan to follow once you’re home.

Additional Therapies

We have an extensive list of additional treatments available to you, so you can tailor make your stay with us.  Clients on an Ultimate Detox programme often choose the following:

Colon Hydrotherapy – cleanse your gut of accumulated toxins and wastes.

Nutritional Consult – overhaul your diet and lifestyle for good.

Live Blood Analysis – find out the impact that your diet and lifestyle is having on your body and how to make positive changes.

Intolerance Testing – find out if the foods you are regularly eating are contributing to health issues like weight gain and low energy levels.



Rates, Dates & Availability

Ultimate begins every Monday at 2pm, with departure on Sunday morning, with a 11am check out.  For availability please ring one of our co-ordinators on 01536 712219.

Rates for our Ultimate Package are as follows:

Premier Room £1984

Superior Room £1896

Classic Room £1808

Small Classic, Shared Bathroom £1630

Twin or couple sharing a room £3088

There’s a great little video to watch covering the different bedroom categories you may like to book – it’s on the Accommodation Page under the “About” header.

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Bryan Connellan

Got amazing results for my weight, skin and was able to cut down on my diabetic medication. Wish I'd done it years ago - would highly recommend it.*


*Disclaimer: Please note that results can vary from client to client and that we cannot guarantee specific outcomes from participating in our Homefield programs