Back, Neck & Shoulder – £39

Release back & neck tension and soothe those tight shoulders.  Let your body gain a deep sense of relaxation and feel your stress melting away…

Allow the experienced hands of our trained therapist to work on your aches and pains.  We will match our massage skills to your particular need.

We suggest you have a nice warm shower before your treatment, put on your robe and get ready to be pampered. What a wonderful way to spend 25 minutes of your time with us.

Homefield Grange Massages

Therapeutic Massage – £69

Enjoy 50 minutes of an indulgent and uniquely relaxing full body massage. This therapeutic massage is the perfect way to help your body sail through your Homefield experience.

Let your tension dissolve, let your shoulder relax and know that you are improving your circulation at the same time, (perfect when you’re detoxing and cleansing).

We recommend you get the best out of this massage by drinking a nice warm cup of detox tea afterwards.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage – £75

Feel the need for a really deep massage? For 50 minutes, put yourself in our expert hands for a truly intensive, muscle relaxing experience.

This treatment is designed to treat your body at a deep muscular level. It’s a perfect antidote for your tired mind and an excellent reward to give your body after completing Homefield’s morning exercise regime.

Come with your robe on, so you can flop into bed afterwards!

Homefield Massage Therapy

Indian Head Massage – £39

Used for centuries, an Indian Head Massage concentrates on tight upper back, neck, shoulders, face and scalp. The treatment is a complete de-stressing programme for your mind and body.

If you need relief from headaches, mental fatigue, stress and muscular tension, there is no better therapy. Clients often tell us how balanced they feel after receiving an “indian head” treatment. (25 mins)

Hot Stone Massage – £69

Hot stone massage is a classic therapeutic massage using large smooth flat stones, (about the size of an egg), that have been warmed gently in an electrical heater. Some stones will be placed on key points of your body and others will be held in your therapists’ hand to massage certain areas such as your back.

The warmth of the stones will improve your circulation and calms overworked nervous systems. It is perfect for those of you who tend to feel chilly or suffer from cold hands and feet. (50 mins)

Homefield Hot Stone Massage
relaxation therapy

Harmony Massage – £69

Your journey begins with a deeply relaxing back massage that helps release all your stress and tension – time to let go for a while.  

After relieving aches and pains and tight shoulders, your therapist will then get you to turn over onto your back, to complete this wonderful 50 mins treatment, with a face, scalp and décolletage massage.  

It will be hard not to fall asleep with this one…

Balance Body & Face Therapy – £75

enjoy a muscle relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage to melt stress and tension.  

Your therapist will then turn you onto your back, to experience a wonderful facial cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage and finishing cream.  

Perfect for leaving face and body lighter and brighter in one 50 mins session.


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