You may love your food, but does your food love you? Try our Intolerance Test £95

Are you struggling with digestive issues?  Do you feel tired a lot of the time?

Perhaps you’re worried or suspect that you might have an intolerance to certain foods. It’s frustrating when you’re trying to get healthy but you don’t feel you’re getting the results you hoped for.

Many of us are walking around with intolerances/food sensitivities and don’t even know it.

The NHS has recently confirmed that a huge number of patients have health issues which could be linked to diet.  Some studies show that up to 45% of the population are affected by intolerances.


So how can we help you find out what suits you and what doesn’t?

Our food intolerance therapy uses a simple, painless test, carried out on an electronic machine called Di Etx. This non-invasive machine uses an instrument similar to a ball point pen, which when drawn across the skin at the end of your fingertips, records your body’s reaction to over 120 common food and drink substances which are condensed into small glass vials. You will also find out your vitamin and mineral deficiencies during this treatment. This is a very interesting test to have done during your time with us as it really gives some tailor made advice on how best to move forward with your food choices and your diet.


Can I be tested?

The test is suitable for you as long as you are not fitted with a pacemaker.  For your safety we always review your health and medical notes for any contra indication which may affect the results of this test.

How many tests do I need?

Normally only one test is needed and it takes one hour to complete, with instant results. We will give you a booklet with a full list of the tested substances and highlight any areas that need your attention.  If a certain food does pose a problem for you, we will offer recommendations and alternatives.  We highly suggest that you try to eliminate identified foods from your diet for 30 days, then re-introduce in small amounts to monitor any reaction.

Is it worth doing?

If you are in need of some nutritional guidance or advice right now, then finding out which foods, drinks, vitamins or mineral deficiencies may be causing health problems for you could be invaluable. It is true that intolerances can change over time and it is important to highlight that IgG testing can be open to interpretation. No test is 100% accurate, however what we have found from clinical experience in performing this test for hundreds of clients shows that 85% of our clients report feeling better within two weeks of eliminating the identified foods illustrated by this test.

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