Fat Loss & Inch Loss Laser Therapy

1 Area -£50, 2 Areas – £80, 3 Areas – £90

Wouldn’t it be great to specifically target stubborn areas of fat on your body?  To actually lose weight where you needed it, instead of the places you don’t, sounds like a dream come true.  Well, using the latest inch-loss laser technology, we are now able to deliver the results clients have long been dreaming of.

Treatment itself consists of applying smooth bars, (called diodes) onto the specified area to be treated. The diodes are gently held next to the skin by fabric wraps.  A red laser light passes through the skin, (without any discomfort, pain or heat) and causes a biochemical reaction within the fat cells to help break them down.

The laser produces a “lipase enzyme” and it’s this enzyme that specifically helps break down the fat cell into its glycerol and fatty acid compartments.  Once the fat cell has been converted into these substances, the body can utilise them as energy.  These substances are then transported via your lymphatic system and become readily available to use as fuel for your body.  You are now losing weight from fat cells.  How clever!

In practical terms, the effect is immediate and although a course is recommended for best results, inch loss is often achieved after only one treatment.  The body of evidence for the clinical success of this inch-loss therapy continues to grow, as does its popularity with our clients, both men and women.

So let our fat loss and inch loss targeted laser therapy assist your inch/weight loss journey easily and effectively.  It is the perfect way to tone and contour the shape of your body.  It is also perfect to use during a detox, as it assists in lymphatic drainage for detoxification.  It can be used in most areas of the body, including arms, abdomen, hips, midriff, back and bottom.

30 minutes of exercise is recommended after treatment, (to be completed within 24 hours).

Fat Loss Laser Therapy
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