Your bowel speaks volumes about your health – our practitioners speak its language

Single Treatment £90, 2 Colonics £160, 3 Colonics £210

Colonics are nothing new. In fact, colonic therapy has been popular amongst health professionals for thousands of years. Nurses would administer colonics in NHS hospitals until the 1960’s, (they had more time back then). The first recorded mention of its popularity can be found in a medical papyrus written by the ancient Egyptians! History proves they knew a thing or two about health. It’s also well documented that ‘The Father Of Medicine’, Hippocrates himself, prescribed colon cleansing. Physicians throughout the ages knew that disease may be triggered by rotting food clogging up the colon.

Today we use the term ‘auto-intoxication’ – it’s the food on your fork that could be the very thing that’s poisoning your mind and body. Our typical western diet is rich in sugar, fat, salt, additives, ‘refined’ carbohydrates and preservatives. Combine this with our stressful lives, poor hydration and infrequent elimination.   It’s a deadly combination, literally. It’s no wonder so many of us suffer from a range of digestive discomforts. It’s hard to live life well when your system doesn’t feel right.

Debbie Davison

Debbie Davison


Judy Merrick Colonic Hydrotherapy Practitioner

Judy Merrick


At Homefield, we’re renowned for our colonic treatments and quite frankly, we love them. Why? Because we see the powerful effect they have on our clients during their detox and weight loss journey. If you have been feeling lethargic, bloated, over-fed, stressed and have been eating badly, a colonic may just be the help you need. It can be a powerful re-set in gaining a “clean slate” and preparing you for a healthier way of eating.

There are thousands of research papers, books and reports that document the connection between the condition of your intestines and your overall health. Low mood, poor immunity, excess weight and tiredness can all be linked to colon health. Every year in the UK, more than 16,000 people die of bowel cancer. Shocking and scary statistics don’t you think? If you’re serious about looking and feeling good and want to really start taking care of yourself, then it all starts with your gut.

Let’s learn a little more about the procedure (and remove the misconception of the garden hose!)

  • Firstly, we take note of your full medical history.
  • A fluffy towel covers your body and maintains your modesty as you relax on our comfortable therapy couch.
  • A small, soft and disposable speculum is gently inserted, (a few inches only), into the rectum.
  • Our state of the art Colonic Hydrotherapy equipment releases, (under very low pressure), warm purified water into the colon. (We often use herbs or coffee enemas to assist the breakdown of mucous, allowing the body to cleanse).
  • Once the process is finished, you will probably feel the urge to go to the toilet and this will allow the bowel to complete any final cleansing.
  • During a 30-40 minute session, water gently flows into your colon and this is complemented with a soft abdominal massage to assist the process. This will help the colon dislodge any faecal matter, mucous, toxins and parasites. All waste is released through the disposal tube. The treatment is clean, safe, odourless and painless and there is absolutely nothing to be fearful of.
  • Treatment is not messy, or uncomfortable and you are in control throughout.
  • Dependent on our observations during your treatment, you be given some tailor-made diet, lifestyle and nutritional advice that will help you achieve your goals, simply and effectively.
Would a colonic hydrotherapy benefit you

Would a colonic benefit you?

Here is a list of benefits our clients say they feel after treatment. It will show you just what is possible for you too.

  • Higher levels of energy
  • Less constipation/gas/bloating/abdominal cramps
  • Clearer thinking
  • Alleviated IBS pain & discomfort
  • Motivational kickstart for weight loss
  • Inspirational boost for better eating habits
  • Improved mood
  • Reduction in headaches
  • Sensation of general well-being

How many treatments do you need?

Elimination is the vital key component of an effective detox, so overall, the number of treatments you need will be determined by the goals you want to achieve during your stay with us, coupled with your practitioners’ guidance and advice. Some clients have a treatment every day and are still releasing waste material on day seven! On average, two to four sessions are the usual amount of colonics booked during a typical cleanse.

Coffee & Herbal Enemas

Enemas are often added to the water during your treatment using coffee or herbs. These are used as an added benefit for liver cleansing, improving detoxification pathways, boosting circulation and stimulate a sluggish bowel.

Is the Treatment safe?

Colonics at Homefield are not self-administered, which prove ineffective and messy. You will be in safe and well practised hands if you book a colonic with us. Our practitioners are registered with the UK’s governing body ARCH, (Association & Register of Colonic Hydrotherapists).

Contraindications are pregnancy, very high blood pressure, recent surgery, active infections or inflammation, crowns, ulcerative colitis, severe anaemia and liver cirrhosis. Don’t worry we will run through your medical history before we carry out any treatment first.

Probiotics are given as part of your detox package to ensure we restore gut flora and bacteria.

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