3D Lipo

Wouldn’t it be great to specifically target stubborn areas of fat on your body?  To actually lose weight where you needed it, instead of the places you don’t, sounds like a dream come true.  Well, using the latest inch-loss laser technology, we are now able to deliver the results clients have long been dreaming of.

3D Lipo is a revolutionary ‘non surgical’ alternative to traditional liposuction.  The technologies of cavitation, radio frequency, dermatology and cryolipolysis (fat freezing), are used to help treat any problem areas of the body.

This treatment can help you achieve amazing results when incorporated into your detox and healthy living programme and requires no exercise to work.  

Typically you would chose this therapy if you wanted to destroy fat pockets, or keep your shape – just a smaller version of you, or tighten loose skin, or reduce cellulite.  

Each treatment takes between 30-60 mins.  Results are visible from anywhere from immediately, to 2-6 months for the fat freezing – it keeps on working.

Treatments Include:

3D Skin Tightening £129 per session

3D Cellulite Reduction £129 per session

3D Fat & Inch Loss £129 per session

3D Fat Freezing £249 per session

Book course of 3 for skin tightening, cellulite reduction or fat and inch loss for £297 (saving £90)

3D Lipo

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