Traditional Full Body Massage 
(50 mins) £79, (80 mins)* £119, (includes concentrated back and shoulder attention).*

An indulgent and relaxing full body massage. Gain a deep sense of relaxation and as muscular aches and pains disappear. A classic treatment that helps with sleep problems, anxiety and promotes detox and wellness. The 75 mins session allows concentrated time on the back, neck and shoulder area.

(Your therapist will personalise the pressure for you).

Deep Tissue Massage 
(50 mins) £89, (80 mins)* £129, (includes concentrated back and shoulder attention).*

More results focused than relaxing, the aim of a deep tissue massage is to loosen tight muscles, lower inflammation, and re-align layers of connective tissue.

Slower strokes are used than in a traditional massage and stronger pressure is applied by your therapist, using her elbows, forearms and knuckles.

It’s perfect for breaking up knots of stress and tension and is especially useful for chronic pain in lower backs, neck, shoulders or legs.

Out of this World 
(80 mins) £129 

For an experience like no other, Homefield is proud to offer this exclusive massage that will transport your mind, body and soul to another dimension.

The massage bed is filled with warm sand, infused with healing crystals that envelops the body whilst you are massaged with warm steamed quartz crystal poultices.

Designed to dissolve tension, improve circulation and metabolism and boosts the immune system. Feel yourself sink deeper into relaxation as vibrations from singing bowls increase the flow of positive energy through your body.

Sound therapy using singing bowls soothes the soul and allows every corner of the mind to release stress and worry.


Back, Neck & Shoulder 
(25 mins) £60 

Ease tight shoulders and release lower back tension. Your experienced therapist will concentrate on your particular areas of concern.

Stress Elimination Massage 
(80 mins) £129

Using Pevonia’s specialist massage oils enriched with geranium and orange essential oils – this extra long massage will ensure your muscles will become relaxed and the body hydrated. Swedish massage techniques, combined with aromatherapy make this a gentle and restorative treat – simply close your eyes, relax and bid stress farewell.

Hot Stones 
(80 mins) £129

Using large smooth flat stones that have been gently warmed. The stones will be placed on key tension areas of the body and others will be held in your therapists’ hands to massage away tension and tightness in the arms, legs and back.

The warmth of the stones helps improve circulation and results in a deeply relaxing treatment. It’s the perfect way to let go of a stressful life.

(80 mins) £129 

The ultimate mind, body and soul therapy. Enjoy a relaxing full body massage, followed by a reiki experience. Reiki works with the universal energy within and around every body.

Your attuned therapist will gently place her hands on certain energy centres of the body called ‘Chakras’ – which are worked on to create both balance and personal re-connection. It’s proved beneficial for clients who would like some emotional support, or seek restorative harmony to their world.  

(80 mins) £129 

Beginning with a relaxing full body massage, your therapist will then treat you to a dedicated scalp massage. The scalp can hold a lot of stress and tension and our clients often tell us how massaging their head can help with headaches and insomnia.

Your choice of oils made from the 100% natural ingredients of Pevonia will ensure a personalised treatment. You decide whether you wish to work on alleviating stress, or lower inflammation, or uplift your soul and revitalise your spirit.

Indian Head 
(50 mins) £89

A dedicated massage for the head, neck, face and scalp. Used for centuries to help with headaches, mental overload, stress and muscular tension.