Reflexology & Grounding Foot Ritual 
(80 mins) £129 

A VIP treat for your feet! Connect your body and soul with a wellness grounding foot ritual. This foot bath uses Pevonia’s natural sea salt and algae scrub to remove dead skin cells and reveal silky soft, hydrated feet.

Continue your journey to deep relaxation and wellness with a Reflexology session, designed to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and help clear toxins and waste products from the body.

Reflexology is the application of gentle pressure to the reflexes of your feet which correspond to the rest of your body. It’s a deeply relaxing and continues to be one of the most popular of our holistic treatments.

Hopi Ear Candles with Relaxing Scalp Massage 
(50 mins) £89 

Do you find that you suffer with frequent headaches or migraines?  Are you someone who experiences compacted ear wax, sore throats, sinusitis or in recovery from a cold?

If so, our Hopi Ear Candles therapy may well benefit. A traditional therapy of holding a lit, upright candle gently in the ear canal helps draw out wax, clears ‘thick heads’ and may alleviate symptoms associated with tinnitus.

It’s always exciting to unravel the candle at the of the session to identify removed wax! Finish your therapy with a fabulous face and scalp massage, designed to increase energy flow and assist circulation.

(50 mins) £89 

Reiki is an ‘energy healing’ practise that is carried out by the therapist placing her hands in a series of positions over the fully clothed client.

It’s designed to promote healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level by activating the relaxation response and helping the body balance itself from a very deep level.

There is no massage or manipulation involved, yet many of our clients report that they feel very comforted and “held” during a Reiki session.

There is no diagnosis involved and what you may experience during treatment is profoundly individualistic, however it has proven to be effective for those of us who find that life has been very demanding and feel depleted on more than just a physical level.

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