The Body Booster
(50 mins) £89

Originating from the Ottoman Empire, ‘Hammam’ therapy would use a polished stone, heated by the warmth of the sun’s rays, to detoxify and massage the body. Homefield’s Body Booster signature spa treatment incorporates a heated granite bed to continue with this ancient tradition. 

To begin, your body will be cleansed with a healing black soap, followed by an exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, leaving the body feeling silky soft. Detoxifying and healing ‘Moor Mud’ is applied to the body that tones, increases circulation and aids the breakdown of any fatty deposits and cellulite. Whilst the mud works its magic, enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. Finally, stress and inflammation levels are targeted with contrast temperature water jets run up and down the spine. Leave the treatment room feeling deeply relaxed and renewed!