Candlelit Bathing & Massage 
(80 mins) £119 

For those who need to restore mind, body and soul. Our bathing rituals use mineral rich muds, salts, or essential oils personalised to your needs. It’s the perfect treatment to relax overstimulated minds and bodies. In total privacy, relax into warm waters – candles on – pure peace and quiet – ready for you to float away for twenty minutes of ‘me time.’ Complete your journey with a deeply relaxing full body massage.

Choose your personalised candlelit bathing experience from one of the following:


Detox Me
Epsom Salts are rich in magnesium and act as a powerful detoxifier. These salts naturally remove harmful impurities from the body – perfect for telling those toxins to leave the party! Highly benefit to those who are experiencing feelings of being run down, have poor sleep and are in need of relaxation.

Restore Me
Moors Mud contains a wealth of herbs, grasses, minerals and vitamins. Soaking for 20 minutes in Moors Mud opens the pores, lowers inflammation, corrects hormonal imbalances and boosts immunity. Highly restorative and nurturing.

Relax Me
If you love aromatic smells, and really wish to let go, then try the stress relieving essential oils of Jasmine and Lavender. In addition plant extracts are added to relax the mind, body and soul – your bathing experience will leave you feeling soothed and supported, ready to enjoy your deeply relaxing massage.

To book any of the treatments please call reception on 01536 712 219 between 9am-5pm 7 days a week

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