Time To Put Yourself First

Life can demand a lot from us sometimes – and when it does, it’s all too easy to eat and drink too much of the wrong things.  Unhealthy habits can leave you feeling tired, bloated, overwhelmed and just simply uncomfortable in your own body.

Our re-boot package runs every week – this long weekend starts with arriving Friday afternoon and finishes after an early lunch on Monday.  It’s the perfect way to re-charge the batteries, get back to eating, thinking or moving well again.  

For those of you short on time, but need the space to put yourself first for a change – Homefield’s ‘Re-boot’ package could be the answer to your prayers.

What is the ‘Re-Boot Package’

The ‘Re-Boot’ is about putting you back in control of your life, and is designed to help you let go of any negative habit or routine you’ve decided no longer serves you. This package is perfect for those of you who need some downtime from a busy world.

Included treatment is a G5 lymphatic detoxing massage.  Also enjoy some additional pampering treatments, sleep and rest, or get back into the habit of exercise.  Your body will feel lighter and brighter from the cleansing effects of a range of detox diet options available to you.

Get some motivational tips to getting back on track fast and remind yourself what you need to do to keep the health of your mind and body a priority.


Homefield Detox

What’s Included?

Health Check

We want to ensure that we can identify how best to serve you during your time with us at Homefield, so on arrival chat with one of our practitioners so we can understand how best to target your results for your stay.

We’ll be giving you specific information on your current health status – weight, visceral fat percentages, BMI, blood pressure, biological age, bone density and skeletal weight.

To help you make positive health changes, you need to know exactly where you are starting from.

Daily Infra Red Sauna

Our daily infra-red sauna therapy helps restore a stressed mind and body and its gentle heat can help with general aches and pains.

It’s a great support to the detoxification process as it raises the core temperature of the body to help cleanse your system at a cellular level. Infra Red saunas have even been shown to reduce blood pressure.

We recommend you start with a nice warm shower, do some body brushing and pop into the sauna for 30 mins morning and evening.

Detox or Weight Loss Diet Options

Why not try a day of detoxing and fat reducing juices, or our light diet option, (Superfood Salads), free from caffeine, wheat, diary, gluten and sugar.  Our diet options will certainly get you into a good routine and help you establish healthier ways of eating and drinking.

Not sure which choice would be right for you?  Don’t worry, you don’t have to decide now – when you arrive at Homefield, one of our practitioners will chat with you first to establish your goals – then we can offer you our advice and support on what is best for you.

Herbal Teas, Purified Mineral Water

A hydrated body is important for energy, weight loss and health.  Enjoy unlimited organic Pukka Teas, Tea Pig herbal drinks and purified mineral water to enhance your journey to a better, lighter and brighter version of you.

Exercise Classes, Talks, Demonstrations

Your day will be structured to include our daily exercise classes of nordic walking, yoga stretch, and our toning fit for life sessions, (suitable for all fitness levels).  We also run motivational health talks and/or practical food demonstrations to show you the ‘how to do it’ bits.

Everything is optional, so no one is going to come banging on your door, if you need to relax, rest and watch movies in your room.  It’s your choice, always.

Included & Additional Therapies

You have an included G5 Lymphatic massage which is perfect for cellulite reduction, detoxification, lymphatic drainage and weight loss.  Also a huge list of additional therapies available to you during your stay.  Chill out with a relaxing Hot Stone massage, or improve your digestion with a Colonic Hydrotherapy.  Lots of choices for pampering, detoxing and treating yourself to some chill out time.

Dates & Availability

Homefield is here for you all year round, nothing rented or hired.  The Reboot package runs every week of the year and begins on a Friday, (rooms ready from 2pm onwards).  Departure is on Monday after breakfast. Our co-ordinators will be happy to help you with specific date requests. Ring us Monday to Sunday between 10am and 4pm for availability.


Rates for our Re-boot package are:

Premier Room £995

Superior Room £945

Large Classic Room £895

Classic Room £845

Small Classic Room, Shared Bathroom £795

Couples or Twin Room £695 pp


There’s a short video with an overview on your room choices to help you decide what’s best for you.  Take a look on our Accommodation Page, (under “About” section) and give us a ring with your preferred room and dates, 01536 712219, between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Sunday.  

Homefield 1 Day Kick Starter

Bryan Connellan

Got amazing results for my weight, skin and was able to cut down on my diabetic medication. Wish I'd done it years ago - would highly recommend it.*


*Disclaimer: Please note that results can vary from client to client and that we cannot guarantee outcomes from participating in our Homefield programs