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Get Back In Control, Fast…

Y’know those times in life when you look in the mirror and you’re not happy with what you see.  When you feel out of control and know that you need to make some positive changes to your lifestyle, but you just can’t afford the time or money to go away somewhere and sort yourself out…  

If this is you, we’ve got the perfect solution. Just take one day to try out our ‘Kick Starter’ package.  It will get you eating, moving and thinking in a healthier way to help you feel better about yourself quickly and easily.

Get that inspiration, motivation and kick up the butt to put yourself first for a change.  A day is all it can take to be the reminder that you’re worth looking after. It’s a perfect gift for you or a loved one and initiating change is what we do best.

Homefield’s one day ‘Kick Starter’ package is available seven days a week.  Ring us on 01536 712219 to change your life today.


*Disclaimer: Please note that results can vary from client to client and that we cannot guarantee outcomes from participating in our Homefield programs.

Would The One Day Kick Starter Suit Me?

Fall in love with yourself again! And remember who you are!  That’s what the one day Kick Starter is all about.  Homefield’s non residential package is designed to help you eat well, think well, move well and feel well – fast.

If you’re feeling overfed, over worked, or over committed, a day spent at our relaxing countryside retreat will help you feel connected again and ready to take on your world.

There are no distractions and no temptations at Homefield. Everything is designed to detox you, cleanse you, relax you, energise you and put you back in control of your life.

Your ‘Kick Starter’ package is designed to offer motivation, inspiration and to help lift you over the first few hurdles for change. It can be a fun packed day, however if you need to come and chill out and simply be, you’ll be welcomed either way.

Have a read of what the day has in store for you and give us a ring 9am to 6pm to book the beginning of a new you today.  Ring 01536 712219.

We look forward to welcoming you soon…


Homefield 1 Day KickStarter
Homefield Personal Training

What’s Included?

Programme Check In

Come and chat with one of our practitioners on arrival and let us know how you feel so we may help you personalise your stay.

We’ll discuss your goals and identify how best to serve you during your time with us.  We will also provide you with your current weight, fat percentage, current biological age, BMI, blood pressure reading and bone density, (if you would prefer not to know, that’s fine – there’s no judgement.

Included Treatments

Nutritional/Lifestyle Consultation

Your diet and the food you choose to eat for yourself will play a massive role in your weight, energy, health, vitality and hormones.  Our practitioner will help you set a few realistic goals in how best to move forward over the next few weeks.  Eating well, means you’ll feel well.  If you’re feeling out of control, don’t know where to begin – we can help. 

Realistic Exercise Plan

Part of your day will be spent with our personal trainer.  Don’t worry if you haven’t exercised for years – gently getting you back to a realistic and practical exercise plan is vital if you want to achieve good results for your weight, energy, stress and wellness levels.  We can show you how.  Making exercise enjoyable and achievable is the name of the game if you want lifelong results.

A Choice of two of the following Treatments

Along with your arrival consultation and our nutritional consultation, you’ll enjoy a choice of two of the following treatments:

                                   Colon Hydrotherapy

                                    Intolerance Testing

                                    Therapeutic Massage

                                    Live Blood Analysis

                                    Fat & Inch Loss Therapy

                                    G5 Lymphatic Massage & Reflexology

What Else is Included in Your Day

Food Demonstration

Showing you ‘how’ to make healthy, yet delicious food is a big part of what we believe it.  Healthy eating is not punishment.  Learn a simple dish to do at home, igniting your desire to eat and live well.

Healthy Lunch & Snacks

Herbal teas, purified water, super healthy plant based meal, fresh juices and miso soup will be part of your Kick Starter Experience.

Use of Facilities

Curl up in one of our fluffy dressing gowns and read a book, or work out in our fitness studio/gym, or detox in our infra red sauna, (do as much or as little a you would like during your day)

Use of dressing gowns, changing facilities, toiletries, towels, slippers, fitness studio/Gym, infra red sauna, herbal teas, exercise classes, take home exercise plan, take home water bottle, raw food snacks

Typical Day Timetable

9.30am                        Arrival

10.00am                      Stretch/Meditation Class

10.30am                      Get Back To Exercise Class with personalised take home plan

11.00am                      Detox Snack/Herbal Teas

11.30am                      Check In & Nutritional/Lifestyle Consult

12.30pm                      Food Demonstration  

1.00pm                        Lunch

1.30pm                        Choice of two treatment options:

(Colon Hydrotherapy, Fat & Inch Loss Therapy, Intolerance Testing, Live Blood Analysis, G5 Lymphatic Massage and Reflexology)

4.00pm                        Afternoon Detox Juice

4.30pm                        Free Time to use facilities, gym/fitness studio & infra red sauna



How Do I Book

Ring us today to book your one day ‘Kick Starter’ programme today.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions on 01536 712219, 9am to 6pm daily.

What Do I Bring

Comfortable clothes to stretch and chill out in.

Bring clothes relevant to weather conditions for outdoor walking, (trainers, wellies, gloves, hat)

Personal toiletries, (dressing gown, slippers, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hairdryer, provided)


Can I Come On My Own

Yes absolutely.  Most of our clients come on their own – it’s time just to think about yourself for a change.

I'm A Little Nervous....

If you’ve not done anything like this before, we understand it can feel a little strange.  We promise you’ll be looked after by friendly professionals.  Health and wellbeing is our passion and our love.  We are a normal, down to earth, approachable lot here at Homefield and have years of experience behind us. 

What's the Venue Like

Homefield is set in 23 acres of beautiful countryside.  We have free parking and we’re easily accessible, yet a world away from the temptations and distractions of every day life.  Our venue only takes 15 residential guests and a few day spa guests each week, so get ready for a small, friendly and personalised experience. We hope that you’ll look to us to help give you some inspiration for living life well.  Making changes is easier if you have someone to motivate you.

                                                GET READY FOR A NEW YOU…   

Homefield 1 Day Kick Starter
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Caroline Henderson

I come twice a year to relax and recharge and to invest in myself. I love the choice of therapies on offer. I've tried many other places, but there is no where like Homefield - it simply is the best in the UK. *


*Disclaimer: Please note that results can vary from client to client and that we cannot guarantee outcomes from participating in our Homefield programs