Simply Spa Package, simply spa
Simply Spa Package, simply spa


FRI-SUN £109

Benefits of a ‘Simply Spa’ day

  • Thermal wellness spa designed for stress release, weight loss, or detox
  • Offers the time to make ‘yourself’ and your health a priority 
  • Includes food and health drinks for improving digestion and boosting immunity
  • Builds resilience to help you cope with the challenges of life
  • Small guest numbers offer a more personalised and unhurried feel
  • Ideal for ‘me time,’ preparing for a special event, or time with a loved one
  • Leave feeling lighter, brighter and back in control

What’s included with the Simply Spa Day?

  • A Warm Welcome by our front of house
  • Welcome Tea & Amuse Bouche from our chef.
  • Included Treatment choice of either a back, neck and shoulder, or a scalp, hand and foot massage. (25 mins)
  • Use of Homefield’s ‘Living Well’ spa:
    • Infra-red Benches to ease aches and pains, especially lower backs
    • Herbal Sauna for detoxification
    • Ice fountain for toning and tightening skin
    • Kneipp Water Therapy for boosting the body’s ability to fight infection
    • Aroma Showers to lift mood
    • Magnetic Relax Loungers to help blood flow and circulation
    • Himalayan Salt Steam for skin and lung health
    • Infinity Hydropool for relaxation and release of tense muscles
    • Deep Relax Water beds to help insomnia and stimulate energy flow
  • Venue Map.
  • Spa Customer Journey Card.
  • 2 Course health lunch prepared by our resident chef (vegan and power packed with goodness).
  • Gym (rower, treadmill, water cycle, cross trainer, free weights).
  • Extensive option of complementary therapies to personalise your stay. 
  • Herbal Teas.
  • Purified, still & sparkling mineral water.
  • Gowns, slippers, towels, Dyson hairdryers, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and shower gels provided.
  • You’re very welcome to join in any food demonstrations or health talks that may be running during your day. (Timetable will be given on arrival).

Included Therapy Information For The Simply Spa Day

Your Simply Spa Day includes a choice of one of the following massage therapies, (you can make your choice on arrival),

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (25 mins)

Lay on one our fabulous massage couches, (voted the most comfortable beds in the world) and let the experienced hands of your therapist melt away stress, tension and anxiety.

Using her eclectic skills, tailor make this massage to your needs with just the right amount of pressure. Treatment is designed to help restore overwhelmed minds and soothe tired bodies.

Products used are 100% natural with organic extracts.

Scalp, Hand and Foot Massage (25 mins)

A gentle, yet deeply relaxing therapy that is designed to aid sleep and boost feelings of wellbeing. Relax deeply under the skilful hands of your therapist in our beautiful therapy rooms designed to help you step away from it all.

Products used are 100% natural with organic extracts.

Why Choose Homefield?

We’re a little different from other spas!

For centuries the purpose of a real spa was to ensure that by the time the guest left, they were feeling lighter, brighter and ready to face their world with more resilience to cope with stress.

Health spas would be places to go to recover, recharge and to ‘feel well’ and would be free from the alcohol, refined sugars and processed foods that commercial spas offer today.

The value of a spa day at Homefield

Life today can be very stressful and challenging and we believe that taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing in this hectic world is now a necessity, not a luxury.

Everything about Homefield is designed to help you look and feel better about yourself. We believe a spa day should have the added benefit of promoting your health and not just about simply being pampered.

Here you will eat natural foods, (mainly organic), enjoy health drinks that help digestion. Every spa product we use on your body is of high quality, made from natural ingredients and mostly organic. 

We believe you deserve the best!

We Are Experienced, Friendly Professionals

We’ve been helping our lovely clients look great and feel amazing since 2005. Our staff are qualified, accredited with the relevant governing bodies and insured, which means you’ll be in well practised hands. Many of our team have been with the company for over a decade.

Purpose Built Wellness Spa

Our mission as a company is to help you live a good life healthy and our “wellness spa” is designed to do exactly that.

Every aspect of our spa is designed to help you deeply relax from the challenges of your world, to help you sleep better, speed up weight loss, (if that is a goal for you), and detox from the toxins of life that can rob your energy and vitality levels. 

What are the benefits of our spa?

Homefield’s spa is fitted with,

  • Herbal sauna for relaxation,
  • Magnetic body loungers to help heart health and blood flow
  • Infinity hydro-pool filled with massage jets to ease tight shoulders
  • Infra red benches to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Deep relax water beds that will send long rhythmic pulses along your spine to reduce cortisol levels
  • Ice Trough to tone and tighten skin
  • Aroma showers to lift low mood
  • Himalayan salt steam sauna which is great for lung health, blocked sinuses, headaches and tension.

Quality in everything we do

From the moment you arrive at our gates you’ll see that ‘quality’ is one of our core values as a company. From the food you eat, the products we use on your body, the therapy beds you’ll relax on, to the standard of our wellness spa and the cleanliness of our stylish venue.

We believe that our clients deserve the best – if that is a value you believe it too, we’ll be the perfect match for one another.

You’re not just a number on a conveyor belt!

Guest numbers are kept small at Homefield so you can truly enjoy a day that is personal and unhurried. We begin and finish our treatments on time so you are not rushed in any way.

You would chose us if you enjoy quality and a more relaxed day than attending a larger more commercial style spa.

Range of Therapies & Treatments

We have an extensive range of slimming, detox, holistic, relaxing, anti-ageing and pampering therapies. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have about our therapies and a downloadable therapy listing is available on our web site. Ring 01536 712219 to book additional treatments 9am to 5pm daily.


Homefield is situated at the edge of Rushton, a historic Northamptonshire village. The venue is nestled in between 23 acres of peaceful green pastures. Easily accessible by train or car, we are a 50 minute train journey from St Pancras, (East Midlands Train Line). We have ample free parking for your day.

We Are A Dedicated Health Spa Venue built to help you ‘You’ feel ‘Amazing’!

As we focus on wellness and health, your time will be free from caffeine, refined sugar, wheat, dairy and alcohol. Often clients tell us they feel lighter and brighter in just one day.

A spa day at Homefield is the perfect way to begin a new way of eating, it offers the chance to let go of negative habits, and is the perfect way to prepare for a special day.

You Are What You Eat!

Enjoy a two course lunch designed to improve your digestion, cholesterol levels, skin health and energy levels. Our two international chefs will create nutritious and delicious meals for you to enjoy.

Most of the produce used is home grown in our own gardens, which means we are mainly organic. You also have the option of juice cleansing which gains in popularity daily.

We Love Our Clients and they love us!

Whether you come on your own, or with a loved one, you will always be treated as our valued guest. This year we were awarded the badge of excellence from Trip Advisor for being highly recommended consistently over the last five years. Take a look at what others have to say and how they benefitted from their time with us. 

Trip Advisor review by Robin W, 13th May 2019, “Spa Day Prior to Surgery”

We visited the spa to chill down prior to some major surgery – our first time here and found it was excellent in every detail and achieved everything we wanted – we will be back for longer sessions in the future.



Additional Information

What is the minimum age to attend Homefield?

Homefield Grange is an adult only venue. You must be 18 years of age to attend our spa.

Ladies and Gents

For day spa, we are mainly ladies. We sometimes have the availability for gents to attend a day spa as well, however please check with our reception on 01536 712219, 9am to 5pm daily.

How do I book?

Either book direct on line, or phone us on 01536 712219, (9am to 5pm daily).

What do I bring?

An informative email confirmation will be sent to you on receipt of booking giving you further information on what to bring with you, directions to the venue and what we provide for your day.

What do you provide?

Gowns, towels, spa slippers, toiletries, (shampoo, body lotion, conditioner, shower gels), dyson hairdryers, cotton buds, and wet kit bags.

Terms and conditions of booking

Please read our terms and conditions as listed on our web site to avoid confusion.

What is the arrival and departure times?

Arrival time for your Simply Spa day is between 9.15am and 10am. You are welcome to use our spa until 4.30pm.

Valuables and personal belongings

Lockers are provided for your day.

How do I find you?

Directions to our venue will be provided on booking. We have free on site parking.


ready to book?

ready to book?