Spa Days that allow you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, exhale and let go for a while…

Kick start better ways of living, eating and feeling.

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gut feelings
off the scales
the great escape
age perfect
beat belly bulge
new year, new you
there's only one you
time for two
specialist spa days

our thermal spa experiences

Using natural woods, slate and stone, your bespoke thermal spa awaits you, offering both space and time to experience holistic, diagnostic and therapeutic treatments that will restore your mind and body.

Leave feeling rested, balanced and cared for. 

infinity hydrotherapy pool

Offering a variety of water jet stations to massage and relax the body’s major muscle groups, easing stress, tension and loosen tight shoulders.

herbal sauna

Enhances blood flow, increases white blood cell production for improved immunity, aids weight loss and detoxification. The infused aromas of natural herbs will further boost your relaxation benefits and induce a peaceful nights’ sleep.

himalayan salt steam

Salt therapy is especially effective for skin health, respiratory conditions, aids recovery from illness and surgery, increases detoxification and fights infection. The negative ions in the salt improves mood and lifts depression.

aroma drench shower

Stimulate your senses with our Aroma drench showers. Designed to lift mood, reduce fatigue, improve circulation and boost immunity.

stone ice trough

Can be used on both face and body, to brighten, tighten and rejuvenate the appearance of skin. Increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation from stiff or sore joints, tones tissues and simply makes you feel alive!

kneipp water therapy

Located in the Ice and Water room, place your lower legs under the Kneipp Water Tap and let the water run over legs and feet. Alternate between warm and cold to improve blood flow, boost circulation and strengthen the immune system. Cold feet will be a distant memory.

deep relax water massage beds

Known for relieving muscle soreness, stiffness and tension. Our hydro beds use deep acupressure techniques and long slow rhythmic pulses to reduce stress and anxiety, increase circulation and help beat insomnia.

magnetic relaxers

Fitted with magnetic mattresses, that deliver calming North Pole magnetic fields. Designed to relax and lengthen tight muscles, reduce swelling and pain, improve insomnia, increase circulation and encourage cells to work optimally.

infra-red therapy bench

The health properties of both, far and near infra-red light are used to help the body detoxify, lose weight, boost circulation and metabolism. Infra-red also aids relaxation, eases bad backs, and lowers inflammation.

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how to find us

Based in beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, just a short taxi ride from Kettering station and less than an hour from London. We’re easily accessible by train or road.

We are a ten minute taxi ride from Kettering Station. East Midlands Trains operate a direct 55 minute journey time from St Pancras station twice every hour.