23 Mar ‘Slim Fast Spas’ as featured on MailOnline

A guide to the A-listers world of luxury spas, by Ashley Pearson


Liv Tyler’s baby Milo was nine months old when she found herself faced with magazine headlines speculating that her rounded figure was a sign that she was expecting another baby, she wasn’t.

So the actress got serious about her body and booked herself a trainer. She also monitored detox fasting combined with colonics. Today, she looks better than ever.

Want to find a similar regime in Britain? When journalist Kate Spicer was on her quest to get to a size zero on the TV programme Super Skinny Me, she tried fasting and colonics at the UK’s premier detox cleanse retreat, Homefield Grange. She lost half a stone in five days.

Set in a luxury house in the middle of green pastures in Northamptonshire, it offers detox/juicing programmes on a weekly and weekend basis.

There are seven or three day plans where guests drink fresh organic juices and sip vegetable soup for dinner. There is a colonic cleanse at the beginning and end of the fast.

Guests can also opt for a blood analysis which reveals what needs to be addressed to relieve stress, anxiety, illness, tiredness, parasites, fat levels, cholesterol, candida, and yeast infections.

The average guest loses around 9lb during their stay. There are also beauty treatments such as body brushing.

When they leave, most people report feeling refreshed, revitalised and glowing.



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