Ultimate Wellness, The Weight Loss Package


Ultimate Wellness, The Weight Loss Package

Sunday check in from 3pm to Friday 11.00am with included lunch 


Benefits of the Weight Loss Package

  • Can achieve significant weight loss, (1-3lbs per day)*
  • Re-balances blood sugars
  • Re-establishes good gut flora, essential for weight loss
  • Breaks unhealthy habits
  • Included therapies targeted for fat loss 
  • Teaches you how to prepare healthy food for yourself 
  • Reduces cortisol levels that can hinder weight loss 
  • Cuts the confusion on what to do to lose weight
  • Motivates long term change
  • 30 day support post stay

*results vary 

More About the Weight Loss Package

When does the Weight Loss package start and finish?

The Weight Loss Package begins every Sunday from 3pm and finishes with an included lunch on Friday.

How often does it run?

We run our packages 50 weeks of the year, with two weeks shut down at Christmas/New Year only.

Would the Weight Loss Package suit me? 

This package would suit you if you wanted to feel confident in your body again. It is the perfect kick start, designed for you to leave us with a smaller waist, a reduction in belly fat and new motivation to achieve your goals.

Treatments included in this package give the body a powerful boost to seeing a significant difference on the scales by the end of the week.

This programme helps breaks old eating patterns and helps you establish new healthy ones.

We know that accountability is so important for long term success, so you will be provided with 30 days post support when your time at Homefield comes to an end.

What is our approach in putting this package together?

Successful weight loss is not just about diet and exercise. Our experience shows and research proves that weight loss is not just about ‘calories in’ and ‘calories out.’

Weight loss is affected by the detoxification processes in your body, the balancing of blood sugar levels and hormones, good gut flora, accountability, your ‘big reason why,’ planning, establishing healthy habits and making the journey easy, practical and enjoyable. Homefield’s weight loss package has been put together carefully to cover all of the most important parts of making your weight loss a resounding success.

Getting value for money is not just about what you spend during your time here, but how you will be supported after you leave.

30 days of email support will motivate you and continue your journey for long term weight loss results. We will help you put in place on a daily basis the habits you have begun to establish here.

What Does A typical day look like and do I need to do everything?

View our typical day page for full information on the structure of a day in the life at Homefield.

In summary a typical day normally includes 3 exercise classes, (including nordic walking, a cardio class and yoga stretch), a food demonstration, motivational and educational talks, treatment time, (both included and optional).

In addition there are, wellness movies, health talk, and the use of an amazing wellness spa which has been designed to enhance results for wellbeing, weight loss and detoxification.

Will I cope/Feeling Anxious/Not done this before

A member of our team will be with you on call 24 hours a day. We truly support you all the way and do all the work for you, so you can truly enjoy a transformational week for your mind and body. Nothing is forced upon you, so you can do as much as you would like. 

Am I made to do everything?

Absolutely not. Some clients need more relaxation time and that is fine – you can take part in whatever feels right for you.

Can I come on my own?

Come by yourself or with a loved one, either way you will be treated as our valued guest.

What is the average age?

Our age range has varied widely from 18 years, (minimum age) to 76 years of age.

What will I eat and drink?

Your food plan is portion controlled, free from wheat, gluten, refined sugars, dairy and meat. Our chef will prepare all your meals for you. You’ll have a choice of healthy food, or juice options which are designed to nourish you at a cellular level and reduce cravings.

(We can help you decide on the right choice for you at your arrival practitioner consult appointment).

What do other clients say about us?

Extract from Trip Advisor Testimonial on our packages (posted 20th Jan 2019) by Curowealth, Northampton

“Arrived a broken 49 year old man and left feeling amazing.  I thought I wanted to retreat in Thailand, or India, so when the wife recommended Kettering I was some what disappointed, as like in many things in life she was 100 per cent correct.  This is exactly what I needed.  I haven’t felt so alive for many years. 

The spa is truly fabulous as are all the treatments I experienced.  The best thing for me is the educational sessions and the nutrition sessions, just brilliant. 

All the staff are great. Well done to all.”  Ashley 

How do I make a residential booking?

Please ring us 01536 712219, (9am to 5pm daily), or email


What’s included in the Weight Loss Package?


  • Practitioner check-in
  • Practitioner check up, (half way through stay)
  • Weight Loss Booster, (G5 Lymphatic Massage, Body Brushing) 
  • Castor Oil Liver Pack
  • Lifestyle Consultation covering diet and advice
  • Shangri-la 3 point massage, (hands, feet and scalp)
  • Full body Cellu-Smooth Green Coffee Slimming Wrap with Relaxing Scalp Massage
  • Full use of Wellness Spa,
      • Infinity hydropool
      • Infra Red Sauna Benches
      • Deep Relax Water Beds
      • Herbal Sauna
      • Himalayan Salt Steam Sauna
      • Magnetic Loungers
      • Aroma Showers
      • Ice Fountain
      • Optional Bathing rituals, hammam, rasul
  • Motivational health talks and movies
  • Daily Nordic walking
  • Yoga stretch/Meditation classes
  • Learn how to eat well for life with our food demonstrations
  • Supplements
  • Purified and still/sparkling mineral water
  • Herbal infusions
  • Cardio classes
  • Full use of the gym, fitness studio 
  • Your choice of accommodation
  • Practitioner check-out, (review of your body composition, weight, muscle mass, BMI)
  • 30 days post support for weight loss 


Information on Included Treatments


Programme Check In 

We want to personalise your stay with us, so on arrival, time with one of Homefield’s practitioners is vital. We can then hear, listen and understand your goals for attending our programme.

You will be given the choice of an optional weigh in and body measurements and analysis can be taken.

Lifestyle Consultation (covering diet and advice) (1 Hour)

To carry your goals onwards, it is important to identify areas in your life that may hinder your progress and results. This session is about helping you establish a realistic and practical plan that will keep you on track long term.

Full Body Cellu-smooth Green Coffee Slimming Wrap with Relaxing Scalp Massage (50 mins)

Slim and tone your body with Pevonia’s cutting-edge cellulite treatment. This slimming and toning wrap stimulates your body’s ability to break down fat, increases metabolism and eliminates water retention. 

Pure 100% micronized green coffee, rich in chlorogenic acid, proteins and essential oils will smooth and enhance your skin’s overall texture. Visibly reduces spongy, dimply, cellulite areas. 

Weight Loss Booster, (Body Brushing, G5 Lymphatic Massage) (25 mins*)

This combined therapy is designed to clear the body of toxins, (needed for weight loss), improve liver function for breakdown of fat cells and aiding relaxation to reduce the fat sorting cortisol hormones in the body.

  • G5 Lymphatic Massage stimulates the metabolism, reduces the appearance of cellulite, helps break down fat cells and improves the tone of the skin. It removes toxins and wastes effectively helping the body achieve detoxification.
  • Body Brushing is an excellent way to boost the metabolism, remove dead skin cells, leaving the body feeling fresh and energised. Skin is left feeling silky smooth. This is an excellent daily habit for your self-care regime.

Castor Oil Liver packing* (20 mins)

Castor oil comes from the castor oil plant and contains ‘ricinoleic acid’ – this is the element that is responsible for the powerful detoxing benefits of this therapy. A lint cloth will be soaked in castor oil and will be placed gently over your abdominal area – a warm pack is then applied over the top.This is a deeply relaxing treatment and offers a true holiday for the overworked liver. The benefits of this therapy are:

      • Studies suggest it supports immune function
      • Encourages lymphatic circulation to remove toxins
      • Moves wastes out of the body
      • Can improve bowel function
      • Reduces stress
      • Relives aches and pains
      • administered during shanghai-la massage*

Shangri-la Massage, (scalp, hands and feet) (25 mins)

Deeply relaxing 3 touch point massage, (scalp, hands and feet), to reduce tension, relieve stress and balance hormones. Lie down and let your worries and cares melt away. (Castor Oil Liver pack applied during this therapy).*

Practitioner Check Out 

At your check out you will have the opportunity to have an optional weigh in, with body measurements re-taken.

A body analysis print out will be provided for  your long term motivation covering:

    • BMI
    • Bone Mass
    • Biological Age
    • Current Weight
    • Ideal Weight
    • Visceral Fat
    • Muscle Mass

We will also advise on any longer term goals, supplements and may offer on going referrals if requested. 

Accommodation includes, daily room service, herbal teas, purified water, towels, gowns, spa slippers, hairdryers and natural organic toiletries. 

Ultimate Wellness, The Weight Loss Package

Small Classic (10sqm)

single bed, shared bathroom

£1749 Single

Ultimate Wellness, The Weight Loss Package

Classic Room (10sqm)

double bed, en-suite shower

£1849 Single

Ultimate Wellness, The Weight Loss Package

Superior (20sqm)

king/twin beds, en-suite shower 

£1949 Single

£1449 pp Double Occupancy

Ultimate Wellness, The Weight Loss Package

Premier Room (22sqm)

king/twin beds, ensuite bath & shower

£2125 Single

£1549 pp Double Occupancy

Why Choose Homefield?

Experience, Expertise, Reliable.

Our staff are experienced, qualified and registered with their governing bodies. We want to keep you safe.

Weight Loss is our Passion

We can help guide you towards getting the right results for you. Since 2005 we have been helping thousands of clients, just like you, to successfully lose weight and keep it off.  Our programme has been put together after years of experiencing what works and what doesn’t. 

Not ‘one way’ suits all.

Detoxing, weight loss and your health goals need to be tailored to you personally. That’s why on arrival we offer you a programme check in with one of our practitioners to help tailor your stay. We help you identify where you are currently struggling and how you feel when you arrive, then follow that up at the end of your stay for motivational long term change and comparative results. 

Qualified Staff

Getting results for weight loss, detox or improved energy levels is not just simply about exercising and eating less food – lots of other factors can affect your individual results long term. That’s why our retreat is lead by Alternative Medicine Professionals who are experienced in identifying areas that your body needs further support if you are to achieve long lasting goals.

We are registered with the General Naturopathic Council and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council established with the Department of Health to protect the public’s interest. 

We’re here for you throughout the year

Unlike other retreats that operate every now and again, nothing about our team or venue is hired and or rented.  That means your money and your booking is secure and there is no chance that your retreat will get cancelled due to a hired venue not being able to fill its quota.  The team that look after you are insured, accredited with their governing bodies and professional – you’ll be in safe and well practised hands.

Dedicated and Purpose Built to give you results without the distractions or temptations.

Many hotels and larger commercial spas try to bolt on a ‘detox’ or weight loss style package to their programmes. If you are trying to lose weight, detox and improve your health, temptation makes it very difficult for you to stay on track during your stay. How difficult is it to try and juice cleanse if a client on the next table is tucking into a buffet style lunch with a glass of wine in front of them?

At Homefield all your fellow retreaters are here for results, and that is what we will give you. When everyone is working towards the same goals, it helps you achieve them easier and more effectively.

The Best Wellness Spa in the UK

In January 2019, Homefield opened a fabulous wellness spa designed to relax you deeply, help you sleep better, speed up weight loss and detoxification – unlimited use is included in the price of your stay. (See our spa facility spa for a full explanation on how our spa can benefit your detox, weight loss and wellbeing journey).

Peaceful, Countryside Location, Easily Accessible

Homefield is situated at the edge of a historic Northamptonshire village, set in 23 acres of peaceful green pastures. We are easy to get to, centrally located in the UK.  We are a 50 mins train journey from London and Kettering Station is a 10 minute taxi ride from the venue.  (East Midlands Trains).

‘Quality’ not ‘Quantity’

From the moment you arrive at our gates, you’ll see that ‘quality’ is one of our core values as a company. From the food you eat, the products we use on your body, the therapy beds you’ll relax on, to the standard of our wellness spa and the cleanliness of our stylish venue. We believe that our clients deserve the best – if that is a value you believe it too, we’ll be the perfect match for one another.

You’re not just a number on a conveyor belt!

Guest numbers at Homefield are kept small, so your stay feels personal, exclusive and unhurried. You’ll be well looked after, 24 hours per day. Clients often tell us it’s so nice that we remember their names – and that you get to know ours.

Range of Therapies & Treatments

As well as the included weight loss treatments within your package, we have an extensive range therapies and spa treatments to enhance your results.

Education, Education, Education

Keeping ourselves a priority in this busy life can be challenging. Through our food demonstrations, coaching and health talks, we aim to help you learn practical and realistic ways of staying on track for life – it’s not just about your time here. Once you leave us, we’ll support you throughout the year with ongoing nutrition, eating and well being tips, plus you will get your 30 support programme included in your package.

The Top 5 reasons from client feedback on why they say they return?

  • They appreciate the peace and exclusiveness of Homefield
  • They like being part of a smaller group than the bigger spas can offer
  • They learn so much during their time with us
  • They get results and see significant change in a short space of time.
  • They love the new spa!

You Are What You Eat

Homefield is proud to have two amazing chefs that create magical meals using a lot of our home grown organic produce from our own gardens.  Our nutritionists have put together your weight loss programme for weight loss of course, but also to feed your gut and nourish cells. 

Read our reviews on Trip Advisor

For five years we have been awarded Trip Advisors Badge of Excellence.  (A big thank you to all our guests who have taken the time to write such lovely comments about their time with us).


Bookings can be made 9am to 5pm daily on 01536 712219, or at enquiries@homefieldgrange.co.uk

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