real stories

We asked you, our valued customers to tell us how Homefield Grange helped change your life. See below for a selection of inspirational stories.

Samantha Autyn

A year ago I was overweight, not very happy and generally careering down the slippery slope. I needed something to get me back on track and a friend recommended Homefield. I’d never been to a retreat before and had no idea what to expect apart for a bit of time to myself and no food…!

What I got was truly life transforming. It was a chance to strip back the layers of life’s complications, wear no makeup, and force yourself to stop and take note. The daily routine of juice, Nordic walking, yoga, saunas and blissful treatments along with the great company of other retreaters and the Homefield staff was relaxing and motivating.

The life style lectures and cookery demonstrations showed me where I was going wrong and even though I saw that I had a mountain to climb, Homefield gave me the equipment and I was on my journey.

Over the course of the year I have lost three and a half stone, have dropped 3 dress sizes, exercise all the time and the best news, am now in a very happy relationship with a divine man who likes me because (among other things!) I look after myself. My low self-esteem has disappeared and I am full of confidence, enjoying the balance of a healthy lifestyle and lots of fun.

I highly recommend Homefield and can’t wait to go again!

Ruben Antunes

I am Rubens, a professional man living and working in London. As you can imagine, my life is quite busy and stressful , facing crowded trains, noisy places, etc. For that reason I decided to take some days off  from work and join Homefield Grange for some relaxing moments and fresh air in the countryside. I was feeling a bit depressed and unhappy with my body weight and did not even know what to expect from the place. My expectations were very high for sure. 

I stayed at Homefield for seven days doing a Detox and Weigh Loss Program. The place is very beautiful as shown on the photos on they website. I was really happy with my amazing room called ” Rose”, I had a spectacular view from my bed , the fields and horses during the day and the full moon at night, very relaxing! I would like to stay in the same room next year.

I can really say that those days were magical, as if I could experience a new reality, the stress and worries were far distant. There a humble but touching moment when, on a late afternoon I was walking near the horses and decided to pat one that approached me, at the beginning I was a bit apprehensive but gave in to the moment and faced my fears.

I was quite lucky to stay with a group of 8 people, we really bounded together and are still in touch.I felt a bit sad on my last day, I was quite addicted to the place, visiting the horses , sheep and lamas during sunset hours. I gave myself this stay  as a present for my birthday in June and did not regret it at all.I am looking forward to my next stay at this special and magical place. Thanks to Homefield Grange my self-esteem was raised and I got my motivation back, I changed some of my habits and started living a healthier life.

I can honestly say that I have never had such an enjoyable or beneficial week’s holiday. I feel fit, energised and so well rested and relaxed.