Homefield exclusive spa experiences

Treat yourself or a loved one to some very special spa experiences, designed for detox and deep relaxation.

Take a look at our treatment menu, or ring us on 01536 712219 (9am to 5pm daily) to discuss and book the perfect treatment for you.

rasul thermal mud chamber

A traditional Arabian cleansing therapy that combines the health benefits of Moors Mud ‘combined’ with gentle steam and heat.

A powerful detoxifying treatment that assists weight loss, improves heart health, reduces stress and has a calming effect on hormones. 

It also reduces muscle pains, relieves stiff joints and lowers inflammation.

hammam therapy bed

Our heated Hammam follows in the footsteps of the traditional Ottoman Empire therapy, where polished stone, heated by the sun, would be used as a bed on which to perform cleansing and massaging techniques.

A unique experience for removing impurities and creating silky smooth skin.

bathing rituals

There is nothing quite as restorative for mind and body as a beautiful warm bath. Specialist oils, salts and minerals added to the water will help you drift away.

Purposefully created to aid sleep, relaxation and detoxification.

The perfect ritual to book prior to a fabulous massage.

amethyst quartz and massage therapy

For a massage out of this world! The ancient Egyptians would heal their sick by using the health benefits of warm sand.

Being massaged whilst lying on a bed filled with both crystals and warm sand, creates a deep sense of wellbeing for the mind, body and soul.

An amazing restorative and relaxing experience.

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