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Everyone deserves to look and feel great! Perhaps you have landed here because you’re not feeling your best right now and its’ time for that perfect kick start to a new you. Maybe life has been demanding a lot from you recently and you’ve come off track a bit. When you’re serious about change and are ready to commit to putting yourself first, its important to be looked after by professionals to achieve powerful results.

Let’s face it, trying to lose weight, improve energy, or finding the motivation to look after yourself can be difficult. Plus, there is a lot of conflicting information out there. It can take a lot of time and effort on your own to make positive changes and you may have already tried different things in the past and failed, which only results in you feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Homefield Personal Training

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Making sense of health, weight loss and feeling great is what Homefield is all about. We are a team of dedicated full time caring practitioners, who through years of experience can offer you realistic, practical strategies that give impressive results. We are an exclusive countryside venue dedicated to your transformation. Our values are quality and professionalism and it is our passion to show you what works and what doesn’t, for life. True success is more than just a quick fix.

Whether weight loss is a goal, or you want a clean slate to start anew, or it’s time to start investing in yourself and your health, the “Ultimate Detox and Weight Loss programme” can get you back on track quickly and easily. It’s packed with practical demonstrations, exercise classes, mindset sessions, inspirational talks, offers a choice of detoxing diet options, has included treatments and a huge list of additional therapies. With our help and support you will be on the right road to a lighter, brighter and healthier you without wasting any more precious time.

What’s Included?

Health Check

Come and chat with one of our practitioners on arrival so we can understand exactly what you need. What are your wants and goals right now? We can then identify how best to serve you during your time with us. We can also give you specific information on your current health status. Find out your ideal weight, biological age, BMI, blood pressure, fat percentage, bone density and skeletal weight. To make positive changes, you need to know exactly where you are starting from.


Supplements to help you throughout your journey will be advised on. Coping with the stresses and strains of life is made harder when you are deficient in certain valuable vitamins and minerals. Advice will be given on supplements and the right detox/weight loss juice/food plan for you. Let’s get you feeling restored and balanced in record time.

Mineral Water/Herbal Teas

A simple way to boost your detox weight loss journey is hydration. The body is made up of 75% water and it is imperative that plenty of quality teas and water is given to the essential organs of detoxification. Enjoy a cup of our organic Pukka Herbal teas and our purified mineral water.

Daily Infra Red Sauna

Don’t forget to do your daily infra-red sauna therapy. Relax and enjoy this highly beneficial session. It will aid liver detoxification, help with aches and pains and ease the body’s stresses and strains. Try our inversion board to help bad backs, sciatic nerve pain and soothe tight shoulders.

Detox Weight Loss Juice/Food Options

You have options of juice fasting, power protein smoothies to boost your energy levels, or a natural food plan, free from wheat, gluten, dairy and sugar. Be guided along the way to a better version of you by Homefield’s detox advisor.

Included Treatments

Included treatments are tailored to boost your results. Increase your metabolism with our castor oil liver therapy, de-stress with our relaxing reflexology and rejuvenate with a full body exfoliation.

Inspiration & Motivation Demonstrations

Let’s show you how easy and time saving eating healthy can be. Our food demonstrations/practical training, will inspire you to eat well, supercharge your energy and live better. Clients love the “reality” of our programmes. Our chef can quickly show you inspirational ideas that you can put into practise as soon as you get home. We make the “how to” bit fun and informative.

Health Talks

How many diets have you tried in the past? Are you confused about the best way to look after your body? Our daily talks will take away the guess work and show you the way forward. We love sharing our knowledge with guests. Lots of different topics are covered in our talks, such as “Staying on track”, “10 deadly sins of Nutrition”, “Beat sugar cravings”. Each day is a different subject.

Exercise Classes

We make your movement and exercise classes fun, informative and suitable for everyone, no matter what your fitness level. Each day (Tues- Sat) put some walking shoes on and clear your lungs with our Nordic walking classes. You may like to do our cardio Fit for Life sessions, or simply chill out at our yoga/stretch/meditation sessions. Do as much or as little as you like. For you gym bunnies, we have a treadmill, cross trainer, water cycle, rower, TRX system, rebounders, free weights and lots of DVD’s with studio space for your own personal practise. Perhaps you might like to book your own personal trainer to equip you with an exercise plan to follow once you’re home.

You’re our VIP

Clients tell us they love coming back to us at Homefield because of its home from home feel. Sometimes you may feel a little anxious about coming somewhere new for the first time on your own. Our caring team of housekeepers and front of house co-ordinators will help you feel at ease in no time. On arrival we give all our guests a welcome meeting so you know you are in safe and “well practised” hands.

Open Detox Advisor Sessions

Your detox advisor will be on hand daily to discuss any questions or queries you may have during your stay.

Targeted Additional Therapies

It’s All About You! During your stay you will enjoy target driven therapies to enhance your results, including a rejuvenating body scrub, a detoxing liver pack treatment and a relaxing reflexology. You also have a huge additional huge choice of detoxifying weight loss and relaxing therapies to tailor make your experience, (at additional cost). Find out specific information about what your body needs right now with our live blood analysis or which foods don’t suit, with our intolerance testing. Target fat loss and inch loss with our state of the art laser, or simply chill out and have a facial and stress busting massage.

Go home feeling lighter, brighter and ready to face your world!

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