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Why we love Nordic Walking at Homefield Grange

Why we love Nordic Walking at Homefield Grange

23rd March 2022

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic walking is an enhanced physical activity that uses poles to work your upper body as well as your legs. It is a highly effective full-body workout that doesn’t feel like hard work. Nordic Walking is a fun as well as a sociable activity that can be enjoyed in the countryside or town centers any time of the year.

Nordic walking involves using specially designed poles to enhance your natural walking experience using a technique like the upper body action of cross-country skiing. Nordic walking can be enjoyed at many levels, low, medium, or high intensity. Over 10 million people enjoy this walking technique globally outdoors all year round.

How will Nordic walking benefit your body?

Check out the list below of some of the benefits you will get from Nordic walking:

It is enjoyable- anyone can be good at it!

Often we feel under pressure to exercise because we are told it’s good for us. Keeping a consistent exercise habit is easy to do if enjoyable and easy to perform. This is why Nordic walking is so popular. It’s simply a walk made effective by adding poles and clever techniques. Getting out into the fresh air with the feeling of fitness and wellbeing, taking you to different places, meeting new people, and the ability to be good at something. Even if you are not the sporty type, these things make Nordic walking so unique. 

How Nordic Walking Helps with Weight Loss

Nordic walking is energy thirsty, and research shows that walkers burnt 45% more calories Nordic walking last year than ordinary walking. This is because Nordic walking brings many more muscles into play than an ordinary stroll. Your arms, chest, shoulders, abdominals, and other core muscles are involved, and your legs. The poles propel you forward, allowing a faster walk, raising the heart rate, and expanding your energy to burn more calories. 

Nordic Walking tones your muscles, keeping your bones strong

To keep your muscles in good shape, they need to be worked, and Nordic walking works over 90% of them. Public Health England recommends Nordic walking as a muscle and bone-strengthening activity. It sculpts your arms, tones your legs, and tightens your core, which improves balance. The added resistance provided by the poles also helps improve bone health and strength.

Nordic Walking Protects your hip and knee joints

Walkers who experience sore hips and knees frequently say how good Nordic walking has been to ease stress on their lower body, and research supports this. It is not just the hips and knees but also the lumbar spine and ankles that benefit from this technique. Improved posture and taking the load off the lower body are a huge benefit to your joints.

How Nordic Walking Helps Your Heart Health 

During Nordic walking, your heart rate goes up. Much more than regular walking. This is shown through research of an increase of up to 33 beats per minute when walking on flat ground. It also makes you puffed as you walk fast, using more muscles. It helps to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of a heart attack and type 2 diabetes, and keep your arteries healthy and clear.

Feel Alive & Alert – Boost your circulation

All exercises and physical activity done at a sufficient intensity level improves your circulation. It increases the rate at which the blood is pumped around your body. However, Nordic walking has its added benefits. This technique encourages active feet, a full arm swing, and squeezing and opening the hands around the pole. All of which boosts circulation. 

How can Nordic Walking Improve Mental Health

Exercising helps to reduce stress and anxiety, which is even more efficient when done in a ‘green’ environment. Nature is intrinsically good for the spirit. Not only is this activity outdoors, but it is also sociable. Another stress breaker and friendship creator.

No matter your age, whether you are 8 or 80+, you will discover the enjoyment and benefits of Nordic walking, which will improve your quality of life.

Is Nordic walking for you?

If you can walk, then you can Nordic Walk! It really is a physical activity for everyone. The support from the poles means the effort is shared between the upper and lower body, making it feel easier than normal walking, especially uphill. People with mobility issues find this technique effective as it puts less strain on joints than other activities. 

An ideal activity if you have not exercised in a while or dislike other sports and gym activities. 

  • If you have experienced an injury, the poles can support and guide you while working to improve fitness.
  • Great for athletes for cross-training.
  • It provides community groups to be sociable while also keeping fit.
  • Fantastic if you would like to shed a few pounds.

What do Nordic walkers say?

If you are interested in Nordic walking, it can be great to read what others think of It, too, inspiring you to take up this physical activity.

“Within 6 months of Nordic walking, I lost a stone saying goodbye to the bingo wings and finding my waistline after having 2 children”.

“Sitting at the computer all day working kills my back. I discovered Nordic walking, which has really helped relax my joints. I sleep so much better with my neck and shoulders now not seized up.”

“After lockdown, I found it hard to get out and meet people. I found Nordic walking a great reason to get into the fresh air and meet new people. I do this 2 times a week now and love it”.

Come Nordic walking at Homefield Grange Retreat

Nordic Walking is a popular way to exercise and is just one of the many activities on the fully inclusive residential retreats here at Homefield Grange Health & Wellness Spa Retreat. Combined with healthy eating or juice cleansing programmes, meditation, yoga, pilates, wellness talks, food demonstrations, and relaxing therapies, we welcome people from all walks of life. 

When it’s time to reconnect to yourself, to lose weight, or press the reset button away from a busy world, Homefield offers the time and space for you to ‘come home to yourself.’ Click here to come and join us.

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