Mobile Phone Pollution

21 Jun Mobile Phone Pollution

When people arrive at Homefield, we ask them to keep the public spaces, i.e. our lounge, dining room, garden, and courtyard as technology free zones leaving mobile phones, laptops and tablets in their bedrooms. 

Not only is this detox from technology a gesture of courtesy to fellow guests, but it also a step in helping to protect you against the many health concerns associated with mobile phone use.   There has been a lot of publicity recently about the blue light from phone and other devices affecting levels of melatonin which is important for sleep, but other Issues such as low sperm count, depression,  mental illness, contact dermatitis, crossed eyes and “text neck” [1] have all been associated with over use of mobile phones. 

Just recently, Britain’s Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies has joined the argument and issued “a clarion call” for urgent action to reduce all pollution including that from technology such as mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets, gaming stations etc.

Dame Sally said “What is so horrifying is that we are aware of the risks of tobacco and diet and give advice on it but no one is aware of pollution as a driver [of mortality]. 

“As a minimum we know that air pollution is contributing to 29,000 deaths a year in the UK, but that is only air pollution – there is also noise, and light pollution too so the number could well be higher than that”.[2] 

She encourages us to minimize use of such technology where possible and specifically to switch off all electronic gadgets at night.    “People should turn off all iPads, iPhones and computers when they go to sleep,” she said, warning that the risks of long-term exposure to moderate levels of pollution remain unknown.

So enjoy your technology detox when you come to Homefield, but try to reduce your exposure in your daily life. 






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