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Miraculous Measles?

Miraculous Measles?

17th October 2019

Following on from our blog about the common cold virus killing cancer cells (Three Cheers for The Common Cold) there is more research that suggests nature knows better than us with the measles virus being used to kill cancer cells in a brain tumour!

Researchers at the University Hospital Tubingen in Germany

used modified measles viruses on cell lines of glioblastoma – a very aggressive and usually lethal type of brain tumour.  As with the research on the common cold virus, they found that the measles virus caused inflammation that eventually killed the cancer cells.[1] 

A few years earlier doctors at the Mayo Clinic in America decided to experiment with the measles virus on a patient with end-stage myeloma, a cancer of the blood.  The patient, who had already been through conventional treatments and had only weeks to live, was willing to participate in the experiment. [2]

Using a genetically modified version of the measles virus

they gave a dose that was enough to vaccinate 10 million people!  The response was almost immediate – within five minutes of receiving the dose the patient developed a splitting headache and a temperature of 105◦F.  She then started shaking and vomiting.  The doctors must have feared the worst but remarkably the golf ball size tumour had disappeared within 36 hours, and all signs of cancer had disappeared from her body within two weeks.

The mechanism involved it seems creates inflammation which makes the cancer cells explode.   It also stimulates the immune system to seek out and remove any recurring cancer cells.[3]

Could it be the huge increase in incidences in cancer in recent years is because we are always trying to eradicate these viruses and bacteria?  It makes you think, doesn’t it, that Nature always has a plan and reason for everything?





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