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Massage Therapies


What’s not to love about massage!  Not only does it help you sleep better, lower stress levels and promote relaxation, studies show that regular massage offers a huge variety of health benefits.

From alleviating headaches, to boosting the activity of the body’s natural immune “killer cells’ to fight disease and cancer, massage is a powerful tool to help us cope with the challenges of life.

Massage is a general term for the therapy of pressing, rubbing, stretching and relaxing your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Different types of passage may range from using a very gentle pressure, to a firm touch for deep tissue style treatment.

Throughout the treatment your modesty is maintained and your body is kept lovely and warm with towels and blankets.  Massage is probably the most popular of all the holistic and complementary therapies offered in a spa or beauty salon.  



Why Homefield?

Homefield’s beautiful venue is equipped with restful and quiet therapy rooms where your massage will be carried out.  Our therapists are caring, experienced, helping you relax, recharge and let go of a busy world.

Our massage therapies will be tailor made for your needs.  We offer a variety of options, all designed to help you feel great.

Treatments are carried out on heated, comfy therapy couches.  You’ll be in safe hands. 

Massage Menu


Back Neck & Shoulder.  Release back and neck tension, soothe tight shoulders.  Allow our experienced therapists to work on your aches and pains and any areas of stiffness.  This 25 minute treatment will help you feel relaxed and chilled.  Using a swedish style technique and tends to be a light to medium touch, (however you decide on the pressure).

Hot Stone Massage.  This treatment uses smooth black heated stones of various sizes which are held in the therapists hands as she massages your body.  During the treatment the gently heated stones are placed along the body’s energy points, helping to create a balanced mind, releases tension and quite frankly feels like bliss!  Hot Stone normally works deeper into the muscles and uses oils that help the stones glide over the skin.  It’s perfect for people who suffer with cold hands and feet and is a big hit in the winter months.  

Deep Tissue Massage.  As the name suggests, this type of massage is designed to untangle knots held in the muscles.  It is great for people who do regular exercise to release lactic acid and toxins.  If you struggle with tight calves, stiff neck, or have lower or upper back pain, this treatment can offer you relief.  It is important to guide your therapist on the pressure that you feel comfortable with.  Deep Tissue should always feel bearable and never be painful.

Therapeutic Massage.  This massage is designed to be soothing and relaxing and gives that sort of wrapped in a cloud type feeling.  It’s the most common and popular style of massage and is what most people expect to receive when they hear the word ‘massage’.  It includes long sweeping strokes to relax the body, muscle kneading and rolling to release stress and tension.  It’s perfect for an all over sense of wellbeing.  

Indian Head Massage.  Your therapist will use a range of different movements to massage your scalp, face, neck and shoulders.  It’s the perfect way to release stress, tension, fatigue and proved very popular for clients who struggle with sleep issues and headaches.  Indian Head Massage aims to increase joint mobility and flexibility in the neck and shoulders.  It relaxes tight scalps and helps improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow, all health beneficial.

Harmony Massage. You’ll enjoy a deeply relaxing back treatment that will help release stress and tension in tight shoulders and lower back areas.  Next, you’ll drip away, as your face, scalp and neck and decolletage are treated to a wonderful massage. It’s hard not to fall asleep with this one!

Serenity Massage.  Beginning with a dry body brushing session that will help to release toxins, reduce cellulite and remove dead skin cells – you’ll be treated to a relaxing body and scalp massage.  The scalp can hold a lot of stress and tension, causing headaches and poor sleep patterns.  A scalp massage is an excellent treatment for the hair, increasing blood flow to the hair roots and nourishing the hair follicles for growth.  Being a longer treatment of 90 mins, the Serenity Massage is an ideal treat to get some pampering me time.

Decleor Aromatherapy Massage.  Every day stress simply disappears with Decleor’s heavenly Aromatherapy Massage.  Book this to relax, refine, tone or stimulate your body.  The incredible soothing sensation of the warm aromatherapy balms, expertly blended from natural essential oils will melt away worries and cares.  Our clients favourite massage.




The majority of people can benefit from massage, however there are some contra indications your therapist needs to be made aware of:

Bleeding disorders

Blood Thinning medication

Deep Vein Thrombosis



Severe Osteoporosis

Severe Thrombocytopenia

If you have been diagnosed with eczema, psoriasis, nerve damage, epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, cardio vascular disease, please chat to your doctor and bring in a doctors letter of approval for massage before making a booking at Homefield.  

Please note if you have had recent operations, or active flare ups of any skin conditions, or have a contagious disease, massage will not be appropriate for you at this time.


To book any of our wonderful massages, please phone us on 01536 712219, 9am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday, or fill in the enquiry form on the book now tab.  We’ll be happy to advise and guide you on the best treatment for you.  

Back Neck & Shoulder (25 mins)£39
Indian Head Massage (25 mins)£39
Harmony Massage (50 mins)£75
Therapeutic Classic Massage (50 mins)£75
Hot Stone Massage (50 mins)£75
Serenity Massage (90 mins)£120
Decleor Aromatherapy Massage (50 mins)£75
Deep Tissue Massage (50 mins)£75

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To request an appointment for any of our massage therapies please ring our reception between 10am and 4pm, (Monday to Sunday), one of our co-ordinators will be happy to help and answer any questions.  

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Massage Therapies At Homefield

*Disclaimer: Please note that results can vary from client to client and that we cannot guarantee outcomes from participating in our Homefield programs.