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Live Blood Analysis is where we take a small drop of blood from the end of your finger, (no pain, honest), and view it through a high powered specialised microscope.

You’ll see on a screen your live blood cells moving around, also your white blood cells, (immune system), platelets and the plasma that the blood cells are suspended in.

Your diet and lifestyle habits can have a huge impact on your blood – this is what the screening test can illustrate.

It’s important to state that this test is not diagnostic.  Live Blood Analysis was the work of Biologists and European Scientists called Dr Antione Bechamp and Dr Gunther Enderlein in the mid 19th century. Research into Live Blood Analysis is still current and being conducted by Dr Robert O Young, PhD.

What we’ve found, it that this test is extremely motivating for clients who are looking for the inspiration and motivation to make positive changes to their diet, exercise or stress and energy levels.


Why Homefield?

Homefield specialised in wellness, detox, weight loss and lifestyle medicine.  We are a dedicated retreat, MediSpa and Day Spa and we exist solely to help you look and feel great inside and out.

Life can be demanding – we can help show you how to ‘put back in’ the wear and tear that the world can take from us.  We believe that beautiful people are happy, healthy people.

Our expert team can inspire and motivate you to look after yourself better for life. Homefield’s dedicated venue is discreet, small and stylish.  You’ll feel well looked after from the minute you come through our door.

Give us a ring on 01536 712219, Monday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm, for a chat or to discuss how we can best help you.

Live Blood Analysis

Firstly you’ll complete a full health questionnaire detailing your concerns and health history.

A tiny pinprick of blood is taken from your fingertip, (bit like a glucose level test), and placed onto a slide and viewed through the microscope.

The slide is magnified over 1000 times and is projected onto a computer screen where it can be viewed by you and your practitioner.  

We also carry out a second screening called The Oxidative Stress Test), where the same speck of blood is allowed to dry and then viewed under the microscope again.

Your practitioner will ask questions about your lifestyle, eating habits, sleep patterns, stress levels and exercise regimes.  

Clear and agreed goals for change, that are practical and realistic for you will be agreed upon so you have a clear understanding for new direction.

You will leave the session with some dietary guidelines, supplement suggestions and a printed booklet for your information.



Who Carries Out The Treatment?

Your Live Blood Analysis is carried out by a trained and experienced practitioner.  

Homefield’s practitioners were trained by a medical GP in this treatment.

Your practitioner is insured and has been practising Live Blood Analysis for a number of years.  

Is It Painful?

No, you will be sitting in a chair, fully clothed, comfortable and relaxed throughout the 60 minute session.  



Do I Need A Follow Up?

Many clients have Live Blood Analysis as an individual session.  Some decide to come back for a three month review, to re-visit their progress, to establish clear goals and talk through any challenges that need the help of our experienced practitioners.   


Do I Need To Prepare For Live Blood Analysis?

No preparation is needed or required.  You can eat and drink normally before and after this test.  

You can return to your normal day immediately after this session has finished.


We cannot recommend this screening technique enough if you are looking to make positive lifestyle changes to your world.

Being able to see inside your body, in such a simple way, has proved to be highly motivational to so many of Homefield’s clients.

Research shows that the impact of your diet, exercise and stress levels have a massive impact on your risk of disease.  If you want to enjoy life, there is a powerful need to take notice of what we eat, what we drink, how we move and how we think.  

Often finding things in life that give us the motivation to change, can make the difference to us making the effort or not.  From experience Live Blood Analysis may offer the motivation your looking for right now. 


The price for your Live Blood Analysis includes the actual test and a printed report, along with any recommendation your practitioner and you may decide upon.

Ring us today on 01536 712219, Monday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm to begin to care for yourself for better ways of living.

We would love to help you feel great.


Live Blood Analysis£129

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*Disclaimer: Please note that results can vary from client to client and that we cannot guarantee outcomes from participating in our Homefield programs.