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  • No rashes, bumps, ingrowing hairs
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If you’re after a more permanent, less arduous way of removing unwanted hair, we’ve got the answer.  

Using the advanced laser technology of the amazing Deka Motus AX, Homefield is proud to offer you a pain free way of becoming hair free forever.  

Laser hair removal is the only clinically effective and proven therapy for the removal of unwanted hair, (either on the face or the body) and it can be removed quickly, effectively and easily, with permanent, long lasting results.

You no longer need to suffer with rashes, itching, in growing hairs, red bumps or sore looking skin.  Our laser system literally glides over the skin, destroying the hairs in the treated area – it even targets the developing hairs that you can’t even see yet.  This greatly reduces the growth activity of the hair follicle and leaves the skin feeling and looking silky smooth.

With no downtime, laser hair removal makes a quick and effective way to look and feel great.  The treatment is painless and is suitable for a wide variety of hair and skin types.

Give us a ring to book your free consultation today.  We’ll be happy to help.

Special Offer: Book a course of 6 Treatments for the price of 4

Why Homefield?

We believe our clients deserve the ‘best’ – Homefield only partners with the ‘best’ the health and beauty industry has to offer.

Our laser system will not burn, nor will it cause the skin discolouration that other models on the market may.

We’ve invested in a top quality, high performance, results driven Deka Motux AX laser removal system, serviced and maintained by qualified engineers.  Nothing imported from China!

Homefield has been operating since 2004 – we’re experienced, friendly practitioners that put our clients needs first.

We’ve built our success on operating a professional team and as we are set in a beautiful venue, so you can feel relaxed and confident that you’re in safe hands.

Free parking available at our door – you don’t have to face your world until you’re ready.

Ring us today to book your consultation, 01536 712219, (Monday to Sunday), 10am to 4pm, or use our contact form.  We’ll be happy to help.

Located in the village of Rushton, nr Kettering, we are within easy access of Market Harborough and approximately half and hour from Stamford, Oakham, Leicester, Northampton, Wellingborough and Thrapston.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal by laser technology has come a long way since its introduction in the 1990’s. Older generation lasers were slow, painful and only worked on certain skin types.  Today however, lasers now have the ability to work on all skin colours, including tanned skin.

Laser hair removal can be used on any, area of the body.

The light from a laser transmits energy as heat via the pigment part of the hair called melanin. This energy travels down the hair shaft and disables the hair follicle, preventing the hair being able to regrow.  Laser works very well on dark to light skins, but will not work on grey hair, due to the hair not having any pigmentation.

Before you book and pay any treatment or course with us at Homefield, we will ensure that you are suitable for therapy. That’s why any reputable provider should insist on a pre-consultation.  At your consultation we will check that your skin and hair colour is suitable and that our laser machine will perform well.  We want you to feel confident and assured that you’re in good hands.

If you’re suitable for treatment, the therapy is painless.  You’ll need to not wax, pluck or shave for six weeks before you begin your course of laser.  Treatment is carried out on a comfy therapy bed.  Your hairs will be trimmed to a few millimeters above the skin surface.  The laser will be programmed according to the colour of your hair and your skin and to the thickness and location of your hair being treated.

How many laser sessions will I need

Every individual is different and unique.  This is why we need to see you for a pre-treatment consultation.  

Regular treatments will definitely get the most powerful results.  If you want the treatment done on your face, we recommend a treatment every four weeks and every 6-8 weeks if you wish to remove hair on the body.

On average around six sessions will be required to get satisfactory results, however as a unique individual, this may vary slightly for you. (This is why we will always give you a consultation and skin patch test first).

Is It Painful

No there is no pain to permanent hair removal with laser.   You may feel that the skin is warm during the treatment, however you will not experience any discomfort.

You’ll be lying on one of our comfy therapy couches, so you can relax and recharge at the same time.

Are treatments sold in packages

We find that every person is different, and skin types respond at a different rate, so some individuals will require more treatments than others for successful results.  The majority of clients book a course of 6.

Your practitioner will discuss with you what’s right for you and expected outcomes at your pre-treatment consultation.

What will it feel like afterwards

There is no pain or discomfort using our laser hair system.  You will be given aftercare advice at your consultation so you have a full understanding of what happens after your treatments.

What Are The Contra Indications

Polycystic ovaries

Hormonal conditions

The above are general guidelines.  Every person is unique and we will only carry out treatment after reviewing your medical and health questionnaire first

What areas can be treated?

Any area of the face or body can be treated with laser hair removal.

Is there any aftercare to follow

Aftercare protocols will be discussed at your consultation to ensure you feel safe and secure before commencing any treatment with us.

An SPF30 needs to be applied to any treated area exposed to daylight. Apply cream every day for at least four week post therapy, regardless of the weather.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel, (available from Boots or a health food shop), over the treated area for the first seven days.

You can continue to shave or use depilatory creams if you want to keep the treated area free from hair, however please ensure that 1-2mm of hair is visible to treat on your day of therapy and when you return for follow ups.

Do not pluck or wax the treated areas between treatments, (this can disturb the hair growth cycle and your treatment may become less effective).

Avoid very hot showers.

Avoid saunas 72 hours post treatment.

Who carries out the treatment?

Your treatment will be carried out by a therapist who has undertaken the manufacture’s training programme and is experienced and competent in delivering permanent laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a lot more than just zapping some unwanted hair.  Hair removal by laser is regarded as a medical treatment and requires proper training and experience to perform.

Homefield is different from most other beauty salons that advertise laser hair removal.  We offer the most advanced treatments with laser for hair removal on the market and use only the best, top quality European built medical lasers, costing many tens of thousands of pounds, (we don’t use anything cheap and cheerful from China).  

Often hair removal is advertised using IPL, (Intense Pulse Light), it’s important to know that IPL is an inferior treatment for hair removal than laser.  IPL machines have a ‘broader light spectrum’ which is a lot less precise at targeting hair than a proper laser. Consequently, you as a client will be spending time and money on ineffective treatments which will not deliver results.  In addition some of the light from the IPL machine can be absorbed into the surrounding tissue of the area being treated, leading to overheating of the pigment of the skin causing burns.


We guarantee that you’ll be looked after and we wouldn’t proceed with any Laser Hair Removal unless we believe it would be right for you.

It’s important that you come to see us for an initial consultation first so we can discuss your needs and expectations and examine the area that you would like treated.  You will also be required to undergo a free laser patch test. The cost of your consultation will be refunded against any course booking you make with Homefield for Permanent Hair Removal.

Ring us today on 01536 712219 to book your consult, (reception open 9am to 6pm – 7 days a week).

We look forward to helping you soon.

Consultation (15 mins)refundable on booking course (£25)
Special Course Offer6 treatments for price of 4
Upper Lip, Earlobe HairSingle £60 Course 6 £240 (4 + 2 Free)
Chin, or CheeksSingle £60 Course 6 £240 (4 + 2 Free)
Full FaceSingle £145 Course 6 £580 (4 + 2 Free)
Bikini LineSingle £75 Course 6 £300 (4 + 2 Free)
BrazilianSingle £120 Course 6 £480 (4 + 2 Free)
HollywoodSingle 150 Course 6 £600 (4 + 2 Free)
Full LegsSingle £220 Course 6 £880 (4 + 2 Free)
Top Front or Top Back of LegSingle £100 Course 6 £400 (4 + 2 Free)
UnderarmsSingle £65 Course 6 £260 (4 + 2 Free)
Male ChestSingle £100 Course 6 £400 (4 + 2 Free)
Male Chest and BackSingle £220 Course 6 £880 (4 + 2 Free)

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