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How Juicing Can Help With Weight Loss

How Juicing Can Help With Weight Loss

22nd December 2020

At Homefield, we offer a choice of our Juice Cleanse or our Light Diet option.  Both are very effective for cleansing and alkalising the body and kickstarting weight loss. But those who want to see to see fast results will usually choose the Juice Cleanse option which includes three fresh and undiluted juices per day.  The many benefits of juicing very much support the weight loss process but extend beyond just weight loss.  They include: 


Calorie Restriction:

The concept of calorie counting is now very outdated, and most of us understand that not all calories are equal.  For example for 200 calories you could consume ¾ of a Mars Bar or a handful of almonds.  The almonds give you fibre, protein, healthy fats, Vitamins E, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Biotin, Folate and Calcium. All nutrients that would feed the body on a deep level and rev up the metabolism. Whereas the Mars Bar gives you sugar, chemicals, poor-quality fat and empty calories.  Losing weight therefore, is not just about cutting calories. The benefits of calorie restriction as defined by the research is “Calorie restriction means reducing average daily caloric intake below what is typical or habitual, without malnutrition or deprivation of essential nutrients”.

Many studies in animals and humans show the value of calorie restriction. Not only for weight loss but for overall health and longevity. Particularly in reducing the risk of age-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and strokes.[1]

With juice fasting, you are undoubtedly reducing calories. With 3 juices per day we estimate approximately 400 calories per day and this can certainly kickstart weight-loss, as well bringing many of those essential nutrients.



A body burdened with toxic overload cannot properly process the macronutrients – fat, protein and carbohydrate, and any excess energy which cannot be properly utilized will be stored as fat.  Toxins get stored in fat cells where they can do least harm to the organs, therefore an overweight body is usually a toxic body.  The main organ of detoxification – the liver, can become clogged with fatty deposits from too much sugar, carbohydrate, alcohol and poor-quality processed fats.  The liver has an important part to play in energy production and metabolism.   Detox lightens the toxic load on the mains systems and organs, allowing the body to function as it should. 


Restoring Energy:

It is estimated that 50-60% of the body’s energy goes into digesting your food, so when you fast that energy can get diverted into cleansing, healing and restoring the body as well as pressing the re-set button on the metabolism.  Rather than feeling weak and hungry, as many of our guests fear they might when Juicing,  they  report feeling lighter, brighter and more full of energy than ever before.   And surprisingly not hungry!


Like a Vitamin Infusion:

Fasting is not just about what you take out of the body, but what you put in.  With juices you get so many of those important micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, phytonutrients, polyphenols in a very bio-available format.  Your body doesn’t have to digest or process them to get the nutrients out – it really is like a vitamin infusion.


Re-sets the Appetite:

Most of us eat way more than we need to.  When was the last time you actually felt truly hungry?  We eat for so many reasons other than hunger (habit, boredom, comfort, self-sabotage) and Juice Cleansing shows us how little we actually need.  Our stomach will shrink to expect less food, we will get in touch with what our body actually needs (rather than our brain craves!). 


Draws a line under negative behaviour patterns:

As in point 4 above, many of us get into negative eating habits and behaviours that are nothing to do with hunger. Under-taking a Juice Cleanse allows you to draw a line under those behaviours, and move forward with a clean slate to develop a new, healthier relationship with food.



At the end of a week with us at Homefield, our guests feel lighter, brighter, more energetic and excited to start a new, healthier regime.  They will have had time to focus on themselves and examine the beliefs and behaviours that have been limiting them and their efforts to maintain a healthy weight.  And they will have been inspired by some great strategies and recipes for creating new, healthy habits.  Clients often say that their stay at Homefield has been life changing.


Are you ready to change your life? Take a look at our residential health packages today to kick start a change


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