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How to Lose Weight in Your Face

How to Lose Weight in Your Face

25th July 2022

Are you struggling with stubborn face fat that is affecting your self-esteem and making you feel glum every time you look in the mirror? Never fear! At Homefield Grange, we’d like to assure you that losing face fat is not as hard as you may think.

By incorporating a few simple steps into your daily routine, within a few weeks you could start noticing a real difference in your face. You will probably also find your overall health and wellbeing improving as a result of following these suggestions.

Keen to find out more? Read on to discover how to lose weight in your face by making a few simple lifestyle changes, without having to resort to the surgeon’s scalpel. Before you know it, your face will be more toned, your skin more radiant and you’ll greet your reflection in the mirror with a big smile every day.

Helpful tricks for losing face fat

As with any form of weight loss, losing fat from your face requires some simple but profound changes to your lifestyle. This means you will need to put in some effort and dedication. It may seem tricky at first, but it doesn’t take long to form new healthy habits. And, as long as you stick to them – for the most part anyway – it won’t be long before you see results. With that in mind, here are our top tips for losing weight in your face.

Top up with water – and say no to booze

One of the most frequently repeated refrains uttered by health professionals is ‘drink more water’ – and there is a good reason for this. As you probably remember from school science lessons, our bodies are composed of approximately 60% water. As a result, staying hydrated is vital for maintaining healthy bodily functions. This includes keeping our skin cells firmer, plumper and more youthful-looking.

If you aren’t drinking enough water, you could suffer from bloating caused by fluid retention. As well as swelling in your belly, this can also affect the face, causing it to look puffier. Drinking plenty of fluids helps to beat the bloat and will keep you looking and feeling trimmer.

If you find that you like to graze throughout the day, drinking water will also help with weight loss, as it is calorie-free and can help you feel fuller. This means you will be less likely to consume as many unnecessary treats. 

One fluid you don’t want to be drinking too much of is alcohol. Alcohol is associated with a number of physical problems, including weight gain and fluid retention. It also causes dehydration, which you want to avoid at all costs. Alcohol can even interfere with the body’s ability to feel full. This means you are much more likely to consume too many calories when you drink, which will cause you to gain weight.

While you don’t have to ditch the booze altogether, limiting your alcohol intake is a good idea. Not only will it help you lose weight from your face but drinking less will improve your general health too.

Cardio is the way to go

Did you know that you can exercise your way to a slimmer face? Cardio is a fantastic fat-burning exercise that will soon help you develop a more angular face, with cheekbones to rival Heidi Klum’s. Just 20-40 minutes of cardio a day can help you shed those stubborn pounds.

There are plenty of enjoyable ways to achieve this exercise, so you don’t need to worry about spending tedious hours slogging away on an exercise bike. You can get your cardio from a brisk walk with the dog in the summer sunshine, through dancing, cycling and swimming, to name a few.

Overhaul your diet: shedding face fat from the inside out

It’s an unfortunate truth that, no matter how much exercise you do, you will achieve very little if you don’t also tackle unhealthy eating habits at the same time. If you’re trying to shift that stubborn facial fat, it’s vital that you stick to a healthy eating regime.

Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as healthy sources of protein in your diet to lose weight and improve your wellbeing. You should also try and avoid too much sugar and salt, which can both contribute to bloating and weight gain.

Try some facial exercises

Did you know that you can exercise your face to help tone up your jaw and rediscover those cheekbones? These exercises are simple but surprisingly effective. They include chewing sugar-free gum, rotating your tongue, gargling and sucking in your cheeks as much as you can, holding for 5 seconds, and then repeating.

Toning facial treatments

As well as focusing on diet and exercise, there are other more enjoyable ways to help firm and tone your face – like treating yourself to a regular facial! Facials can help by restoring the skin’s natural tone and helping to lift and firm your facial muscles. At the same time, they will restore your youthful glow.

At Homefield Grange, we offer several pampering facials that simultaneously firm up your face and help to turn back the clock. For tackling facial fat, some of the best treatments include our Decleor ‘Lifting’ Aromatherapy Facial and our Lumafirm Lift & Glow Facial. Not only will they leave you with firmer skin, but they will also help you relax and unwind. After all, a stress-free body is a healthier body.

Find out how we can help you lose weight in your face

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to combat facial fat without resorting to the surgeon’s knife. Following these simple steps, over the coming weeks, you’ll soon notice a difference and start to feel more confident.

At Homefield Grange, we would love to support you on your weight loss journey. With the help of our toning facials and the many other treatments, therapies and restorative rituals we offer on our menu, it won’t be long before you see results. 

To find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly and experienced staff are on hand to offer advice and suggestions on how to lose weight in your face in the easiest and most effective way possible.

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