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How To Flex Your Portion Control Muscles?

How To Flex Your Portion Control Muscles?

17th July 2019
This weeks’ blog summarises the informative talk given by Naturopathic Practitioner Suzanne Peck at this weeks open evening on Portion Control at Homefield. 

Remember there is no free food – overeating creates havoc on your wonderful body.  



Just some of the health Issues are:-

Weight Gain and Obesity
High Blood Pressure
Heart Disease
Hyperglycemia (Increased glucose levels)

What is our definition of Portion Control?

Well its not about starving yourself
It doesn’t ban any particular type of food
It isn’t faddy
It’s not about depriving yourself
It’s not something you ‘go on’ and then ‘come off’ such as a diet.

How To make Portion Control Work for you?

Ask yourself if you are hungry or are you craving? There is a big difference.
Begin to understand when you are full. Slow down and take your time. Your body will tell you when enough is enough.
Chew your food slowly and mindfully.
Avoid the special 2 for 1 offers, the jumbo packs, and family sized offerings!
Check your environment – don’t have trigger foods in the house or the office
Eat sitting down, giving it your full attention.
Eat in the same place so your brain associates the kitchen table with the only place you eat.
Plan ahead
Don’t allow yourself to get starving hungry.

Useful resources for exercising your Portion Control muscles:-

Why Diets Fail by Nicole Avena.
Black Porcelain plate by H&M £1.99
Divided Food Plate for Easy Portion Control, £19.87 on Amazon
Kitchen Craft Healthy Eating Colour Coded Food Portion Control Rings (Set of 6) £6.99 on Amazon
Lite Bite Portion Control Cutlery (3 PC Set) 18/10 Stainless Steel 

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