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How to Boost Your Immune System this Winter

How to Boost Your Immune System this Winter

18th November 2021

Will there be a wave of COVID infections this winter?

As we approach the winter season, the thought of increases in COVID infections is a worry for us all. No doubt vaccinations are going to help to some extent, however continuing to practise some self-care habits that help boost your immunity could be powerful in protecting you and those you love.


Tips – How to boost your immune system:


1. What are you eating?

Antioxidants, vitamins, (especially vitamin C), minerals and fibre all help to protect your immunity by reducing inflammation and will feed the good bacteria in your gut to protect you against illness. So where can you find these? Look at eating natural, fresh food, think fruit, nuts and seeds and dark green
leafy veggies.


2. Take a probiotic supplement

The focus again is on your gut. Lots of scientific research shows that a healthy gut flora is needed if you want to stay fit and well.

A couple of our favourites are Multi Strain Biotic by Wild Nutrition, or BioKult Boosted Extra Strength Digestive and Immune.


3. Eat Fermented Foods

Your gut loves foods like kimchi, kefir and sauerkraut. These help to feed your good bacteria which help your immune cells identify the difference between healthy cells and unhealthy cells.


4. Fat is not the enemy!

Healthy fat is vital for a healthy body. If you eat wild salmon, sardines, mackerel, use olive oil as a dressing and snack on raw nuts and seeds, all these foods will help your body lower inflammation levels and therefore boost your immune system.


5. Refined sugar is not your friend.

If you wonder why the saying goes, “only give sugar to your enemies” it’s because sugar can change your gut flora, increase levels of inflammation, make you gain weight and literally tell your liver to make the wrong type of cholesterol. A sweet tooth is not the enemy if you satisfy it with delicious fruit with some
added protein. How about a few strawberries with some coconut yoghurt, or some berries and a handful of nuts, or a chopped banana on sourdough with a sprinkling of mixed seeds. If you want to be in the best of health, cut the crap of refined sugar out ​of your diet – that white bread, rice, pasta, sweeties, cakes, biscuits etc will just rob your energy, your immunity and your life of health.


6. What supplements can help?

Firstly, no supplement can act as an insurance policy for good health and no supplement can make up for a poor diet. Supplements can be a great support act, but they are not the whole story. There is evidence however to show that supplements may strengthen your body’s natural immune response. In particular, look at vitamin C, Zinc, vitamin D and Echinacea.

It is very much a personal choice when it comes to taking supplements so whatever the choice ensure you look at reputable brands. We love as a good library of information for high quality supplements.


7. Water, water and water…

Hydration won’t necessary protect you from viruses, however keeping your body hydrated is very important for your overall health.

How do you know if you’re drinking enough water? Check the colour of your urine, it needs to be pale yellow. Aim for 8 glasses of water to keep your skin wrinkle free and to support digestion, heart and kidney function. It’s important to note that older adults begin to lose the urge to drink, as their bodies do not signal thirst adequately. Older adults need to drink regularly even if they do not feel thirsty.


8. Finally, move regularly, manage your stress and laugh a lot!

Never forget that life is for living and like everything around us, we are only passing through. Treat your body with love and kindness. Pay attention to areas of your life that don’t deserve you and let them go. Keep a healthy perspective on things and find those little moments in your day to relax and let go – even if it’s just for a few seconds.

One of the best ways to strengthen your immune is to laugh! Practise that at least 100 times a day! We used to do this as kids – but we seem to forget to practise laughing as we become adults.

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