homefield kitchen

we make ‘healthy’ nutritious and delicious!

Cleanse and detox your body with a powerful juice fast, or choose our vegan light diet option to help re-establish portion control, promote weight loss and break sugar cravings.

Homefield   health kitchen

Guests will soon feel lighter and brighter with a plant based diet, or a detox juice fast. Homefield provides a ‘no temptation’ opportunity to give your body a holiday from stimulants, alcohol, wheat, dairy, meat and sugar.

Our two international chefs love creating amazing recipes that make healthy eating effortless.

you’ll love their inspiring food demos

fresh produce

Produce is delivered fresh daily, often locally sourced, with our first choice being organic. Homefield chefs always aim for quality and deliciousness for their fabulous creations.


Supplements are provided for residential guests that help restore gut balance, curb appetite and nourish cells with vitamins. 

cleansing drinks

Included purified water energised by crystals, still or sparkling mineral water, and Tea Pigs herbal infusions, will ensure you’ll feel vital and cleansed. A selection of health drinks are available to purchase.

typical menu plan

Choice of freshly made detox juices, or light diet option of homemade granola, berries and almond milk.

Choice of freshly made detox juices, or light diet option of wild rice with chilli broccoli, crispy shallots, served with Romesco sauce.

Roasted tomato & red pepper soup.

(Calorie and portion controlled)

Homefield’s health kitchen training menu

We are proud to have some talented and experienced chefs working at Homefield, who are passionate about motivating our guests to live life well. If you would like bespoke training and advice on how to continue to eat well on returning home, you have the opportunity to have our knowledgeable chefs all to yourself. A perfect long term investment in learning how to look after yourself in the best way possible.

a cut above the rest (knife skills)

1 HOUR £69

Whether you are a pure beginner, or need just a sharpen, knife skills are a fundamental building block to becoming a successful healthy cook.  Learning to chop like a pro is a great confidence booster – and with a little guidance from our chef, not only will your meals look good enough to eat, your perfectly proportioned ingredients will cook more evenly, improving taste, texture and appearance of everything you make.  It will also halve your cooking time.   

guilt free

1 HOUR £139

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Learn some healthy and delicious desserts that everyone will love, without wrecking waistlines. Skip the guilt and satisfy your sweet tooth with recipes that are low in calories, yet high in important nutritional value. 

soup making

1 HOUR £139

Guests love our soups! If you’re wanting to take the benefit of our soup making ideas home with you, then try this health boosting practical session of making a bowl or two of a great comfort dish, without the calories. Our chef can help you impress friends and family with delicious, yet simple tips that will elevate your soup game to its tastiest level.

eating well
(plant based main meals)

1 HOUR £139

Including more plant based meals in your diet has been shown to reduce risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and is now scientifically proven to increase longevity. Our chef will inspire you with some main meal ideas that are quick, easy and incredibly tasty. Eating healthily should be a joy, not a punishment – we can show you how.