Fat Freezing 3D Lipo

  • Works on stubborn fatty & cellulite prone areas
  • Safe alternative to Liposuction
  • Motivational Results for Weight Loss
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If you’re trying to make a difference to your weight, you’ll know how depressing it can feel if you’re not getting the results as quick as you’d like.  Perhaps a helping hand is in order. If you need a kick start for a slimmer you – we may have the answer.

A clever UK company called 3D Lipo have utilised new technology to create a fat killing machine! Fat Freezing, also known as Cryolipolysis, involves the controlled freezing of the body’s fat cells.  It can result in speeding up your weight loss results and is the perfect motivation to get you eating and treating yourself better.  Best of all, its a completely painless and non-invasive treatment.

So how does it work?  Well, using cooling technology, your fat cells will literally freeze to death, (sorry about that!).  Without affecting any other tissues in the body, the treatment targets the cell membranes of your fat cells, helping to reduce these cells and move them to the lymphatic system where they’ll be disposed of.  Simple and effective. 

One of the reasons Homefield chose this technology, was to make fat loss as easy as possible for its clients. Unlike many other fat reducing treatments that need exercise post treatment, the 3D Lipo give outstanding results without any exercise at all.

Homefield’s 3D Lipo has a ‘Duo Cryo’ feature, which means we can treat larger areas, quicker.

Most importantly, fat freezing is much safer than liposuction and there’s no downtime. It’s the easiest, quickest way we’ve seen to get rid of those stubborn areas that are difficult to improve with diet and exercise only .  The treatment is an absolute favourite by celebrities such as Coleen Rooney, with 3D Lipo being the chosen technology by the renowned Dr Leah, winner of Lord Alan Sugar’s “The Apprentice.”


Why Homefield?

Homefield has been operating since 2004 and specialises in skin, slimming and detoxification treatments.  Located in the easily accessible village of Rushton, it’s venue is discreet enough that you don’t have to face your world until you’re ready. Free parking at Homefield is available.

Homefield uses state of the art technology and partners with market leaders in their field.  This is crucial for the safety of our clients and for continuation of Homefield’s well earned reputation for high standards.

3D Lipo as a company, has trained Homefield’s therapists who operate this technology to their requirements and undertaking the manufacturer’s training in the use of the machine and science behind it, ensures you’re in safe and effective hands.

If you’re not suitable for treatment, you will be offered an alternative technology/treatment instead, with an explanation as to why it would be better suited to you.  Getting you results ensures the continued success of our business.

Fat Freezing 3D Lipo

Initially you’ll have a consultation with your practitioner and your medical questionnaire will be reviewed. Contraindications will be discussed at a face to face consultation and the targeted treatment area will be examined.  

Lying on a comfy treatment couch, a fat freezing suction pad is placed on the targeted area.  The area is then cooled to a precise temperature for around 45 minutes.

The fat cells being treated are crystallised and can no longer function in their normal way and die.  This process is called ‘apoptosis,’ (fat cell death) and the body eliminates the dead cells through its lymphatic system.  This process happens over a period of weeks and months.  How quickly it works for you will depend upon your diet, fat intake, exercise routine and water intake over that period.  (We’d advise you to not waste your money on this powerful treatment if you’re not prepared to make some positive changes to your diet).

3D Lipo’s technology also offers skin tightening and inch loss therapy.  These can be booked as follow ups as your fat loss results begin to show.


Does Fat Freezing with 3D hurt?

The area being treated will feel cold, however we have never had a client feel pain.  A freeze membrane is placed on the skin to protect it.  The hand piece unit is applied to the skin and a sucking action takes place which can create a stretching action on the skin, but this is definitely not painful.  Most clients fall asleep on the couch.

Some clients experience a numbness in the treated area for a few hours after treatment.  There is a small chance of some localised bruising, or redness around the area, however the temperature of the skin will normalise itself within a couple of hours.

You should be able to resume your normal activities, (working, driving, exercising), immediately after treatment without any pain or discomfort.  

When Will I See Results?

12 weeks is the estimated time to wait for optimum results, however we have had clients achieve significant improvements in much shorter times, especially when they have been following a good diet and doing some regular moderate exercise, (30 mins walking x 5 times a week).

Here are some other examples of the results of Fat Freezing with 3D Lipo:

Love Handles reduced by 30% after 21 days.

A single thigh treatment gave a 4 inch reduction in 30 days.

Using a combination of fat freezing and fat loss cavitation, one client lost 6 inches from the stomach area in 8 weeks.

Results are permanent as the fat cells will not come back, however the fat cells that sit in other areas of the body will gladly compensate for that if your diet is filled with crap and you don’t intend moving your body.



Am I suitable for treatment?

If you’re looking for a quick fix and think that Fat Freezing will mean you don’t have to eat well and exercise, you’ll be disappointed.  If you’re willing to cut the crap from your diet, (you know what we mean by that, cakes, biscuits, fish and chips, sweets, chocolates) and are willing to take a walk every day, just for 30 minutes, you’ll love the results that a fat freezing treatment will give you.

We’ll give you an aftercare leaflet with some simple dietary advice to follow.  

Great results are seen on people who literally have a localised fat area, but overall, are not heavily overweight. If you do fall into the category of being overweight all over the body in general, you’d be better at looking at our ‘Fat Loss & Inch Loss’ Cavitation treatment.  (Our therapist can advise you at your consultation).


  • Pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Recent stomach surgery
  • Cold Sensitivity.
  • Your medical history will be reviewed before any treatment is administered.

What areas can be treated?

Fat Freezing can be used on the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips 
  • Love Handles 
  • Inner or outer thighs
  • Arms (bingo wings)
  • Buttocks


Who carries out the treatment?

Your treatment will be carried out by a therapist who has undertaken the manufacture’s training programme and is experienced and competent in delivering the fat freezing service.

Are Results Permanent?

Fat cells treated in the target area will be destroyed and be eliminated from the body via the lymphatic system. Assuming that you maintain a healthy diet and establish a moderate exercise regime, the fat cells will not return.

Your success is in your hands.  This treatment can offer an amazing kick start, but it is not a magic cure for fat loss if the diet is excessive in any way.

If you struggle in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, why not book a Nutrition Consultation, or a session with Homefield’s Health & Lifestyle Coach.  


Here are some powerful tips to help you lose weight realistically, safely and permanently

Change takes time – the reason why we see client’s fail so often at weight loss, is that they expect too much of themselves too quickly.  Make one positive change per week, (perhaps start with a healthy breakfast choice) and practise that one change every day until it becomes part of you, without you having to think too much about it – now move on to another positive change.

Plan Your Day – the problem with following a diet, is that how do you know you want to eat a boiled egg and slice of toast a week on Monday?  What is important however, is what are you going to eat tomorrow?  What’s your day entail and does it allow you time to stop and eat mindfully, do you have some healthy snacks in your handbag or briefcase to stop your blood sugars crashing mid afternoon?  Could you take in a packed lunch to work – how about getting lunch ready the night before?  Plan for the next 24 hours – it will really help you stay on track.

Portion Control – simply by changing the size of your plate, or eating with kiddie sized utensils, showed researchers that people naturally ate less.  Colour also plays a role in appetite – a dark blue, black or red coloured plate helped lower food appeal.  A client of Homefield’s lost a stone in three months, not by changing what she ate, but simply changing how much she ate.

Water, Water Everywhere – yes we know you’ve probably heard it all before, but this is one tip that’s tried and true.  Sip, sip and sip water throughout the day.  Often the body think’s it’s hungry, but it’s simply thirsty.  Drink a glass of water 20 mins before you sit down to your daily meal, it will help fill you up quicker.

Quality over Quantity – if you’re serious about losing weight, treat your body to nutrient dense food.  Your stomach has receptors for nutrients – provide the stomach with natural food, packed with vitamins and minerals and you’ll naturally eat less.

Control your environment – you don’t need those Jaffa Cakes in the cupboard for a treat after dinner and you’re kids won’t leave home if you don’t have chocolate to hand in the kitchen cupboards.  We’ve found a powerful way to help keep clients on track, is to keep temptation as far away as possible.  Easy accessibility to foods that don’t serve your goals make it harder to stay on track.

Your big reason why? – life is so short.  We’re not trying to be morbid here, but the question is, why do you really want to be slimmer, trimmer or fitter and how is that going to impact or change your life?  We’ve found when there’s a big reason ‘why,’ (much bigger than simply wanting to weigh a certain figure on a pair of scales), well, that’s when true change takes place.  Your relationship with food teaches you a lot about your relationship with yourself. What would living life lighter really do for you?


We guarantee that you’ll be looked after and we wouldn’t proceed with any Fat Freezing Treatment unless we believed it would be right for you.

If you’ve been struggling with your weight for a while, we understand how frustrating this can be.  Fat Freezing combined with long term diet and lifestyle changes are truly where the powerful results will last.  

Why not consider a nutritional consultation, a live blood analysis or some Health & Lifestyle Coaching is you are looking for long term change.

Prices for our Fat Freezing 3D Lipo are as follows:

Consultation (30 mins)£25 (refundable on booking Fat Freezing Treatment)
1 Area Fat Freezing Stubborn Pocket of Fat£99
2 Areas of Fat Freezing Stubborn Pockets of Fat£149

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We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and offer weekend and evening appointments to suit.  Our co-ordinators are on hand daily, (Monday to Sunday), between 9am to 6pm.  

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