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Do You Want To Reach Your 75th Birthday? ?

Do You Want To Reach Your 75th Birthday? ?

26th June 2019

The recent release of some scary statistics caught our eye this month……



The number of people dying from heart and circulatory diseases before their 75th birthday, has risen for the first time in 50 years according to The British Heart Foundation.[1]   The number of deaths in the under 65’s is also on the rise.

BHF’s Chief Executive, Simon Gillepsie said “In the UK we’ve made phenomenal progress in reducing the number of people who die of a heart attack or stroke. 

But we’re seeing more people die each year from heart and circulatory diseases before they reach their 75th, or even 65th birthday.  We are deeply concerned by this reversal.

“Heart and circulatory diseases remain a leading cause of death in the UK, with millions at risk because of conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes”.[2]



In 2017/18 there were more than 700,00 obesity-related in-patient admissions to hospital, up 100,000 (an increase of 15%) on 2016/71 figures. [3]

Almost one-third of adults in the UK are now obese, increasing their risk of heart disease (see above), diabetes, cancer, auto-immune conditions, Alzheimer’s/Dementia.  Taking Europe as a whole, more than half (52%) the population of Europe is now overweight or obese, and most worrying – 1 in 3 schoolchildren are overweight!  

This report also shows that only 20% of boys and 14% of girls are meeting the governments guidelines for physical activity and only 18% of children were getting their 5 per day vegetables and fruits.[4]

Chief Executive of NHS England says  “With almost 100,00 more hospitalisations in just one year, this is the latest evidence that obesity is causing deadly disease including 13 types of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and type 2 diabetes, while putting increasing strain on NHS staff and services”[5]



Ultra-processed foods are putting millions of Europeans at risk of developing a range of chronic digestive diseases including cancers, wheat-related disorders, functional gut disorders and obesity according to a report by United European Gastroenterology.[6]  A 10% increase in the proportion of ultra-processed foods in the diet, for example, is associated with a 12% increased overall cancer risk. 

Ultra-processed foods such as soft drinks, confectionery, crisps, frozen ready meals are often high in sugar, salt, trans fats, and the consumption of these foods has risen dramatically – in some countries contributing over 75% of mean energy intake.

In addition to a raised risk of chronic diseases, high consumption of these foods also increases the prevalence of obesity and it’s associated risks (see above).

Professor Markus Peck of the Department of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology at Klinikum Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria says “Obesity, often driven by poor nutritional choices, increases the risk of a range of serious digestive health conditions and causes a significant healthcare burden, high societal costs, misery for patients and, ultimately, shortens lives”.

Healthy balanced diets and lifestyles can help prevent chronic digestive diseases but the difficulty we face is ensuring our citizens make the right choices in following these lifestyles.”[7]

So make the right choices and start to look after your health now!  Don’t become yet another one of these depressing statistics.  Book yourself a session with our Nutritional Therapist for a thorough review of your diet and lifestyle.  Take time out to really kick start a healthier regime with a residential stay at Homefield. 

You will leave feeling, lighter, brighter, inspired, educated and motivated to change those deadly habits.

We look forward to helping you change your life! Contact us on 01536 712219, or email










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