DNA Diet & Exercise Test

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DNA Diet & Exercise Test
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DNA Diet & Exercise Test

If you’re wanting to lose weight, or know you need to exercise more and intend to make some healthy changes to your lifestyle, but have tried and failed – we know how frustrating, confusing and downright depressing it can be.

There are so many diets out there, claiming to be the perfect way to get the ideal body, let alone a plethora of torturous exercise regimes – it’s difficult to know which way to turn!

Well now there’s the perfect test that’ll give you the answers you need for success. Thanks to some clever people at a laboratory in Canada, called Nutrigenomix, you can discover not only the correct diet to follow, but also the best type of exercise that suits you – all done from a simple saliva test that looks at your genetic profile.

DNA Genetic Testing is simple and easy, we only need a little saliva from you.  In return you’ll get a customised report giving your practical information about how you can make powerful simple changes to your diet and lifestyle that will work effectively for you.

This test will put you in control of your health, weight and wellbeing.  You’ll be equipped with all the right advice, cutting the confusion and saving yourself time and energy.  Putting it into practise will be in your hands!

Homefield offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests.  See our test menu and give us a ring to discuss your requirements.

Why Homefield

Homefield specialises in lifestyle medicine.  We offer a dedicated venue where you can come to experience treatments and therapies that could make a difference to your health and wellbeing.

We offer a range of diagnostic testing and partner with well established laboratories. Using their expertise, we can help you find out the cause of various health issues you may be currently experiencing, and using our expertise, show you how to put things right.

Perhaps your hormones are out of balance, or you have a bacterial overgrowth in your gut causing you digestive issues.  Maybe you have an allergy, or are deficient in vital minerals and vitamins needed for good health.

Making sense of healthy living is what we specialise in.  We can save you time, effort and money by giving you specific personalised advice that’s right for you as a unique human being.

We’re open seven days a week, with reception hours 9am to 6pm for booking appointments.  Ring on 01536 712219.

DNA Diet & Exercise Test

Having a DNA Diet & Exercise Test is a simple and easy process. You’ll just need produce a little bit of spit into a test tube and we send the sample off to the lab.  In 4 weeks, you’ll receive a glossy 39 page full colour printer report with all of your results. It will tell you everything there is to know about you.

The DNA test measure 45 genetic markers which tell you:

  • Your nutrient needs, eg, Omega 3, vitamin D, folate and B vitamins
  • How well you detoxify
  • Your salt and caffeine sensitivities
  • Your level of tolerance to lactose, (does diary suit you or not)
  • Your sensitivity to weight gain based on your fat intake
  • Whether you are at risk of being Coeliac
  • Your ideal way to eat
  • Your antioxidant needs
  • What type and amount of exercise best suits your genetic body type, so you can do the best style of exercise to get you great results

Knowing this information is absolutely vital if you want to make living healthier as easy, practical and relevant to you as possible.  Perhaps you need higher levels of nutrients than is generally recommended, or you might need to cut out coffee or cut down on gluten.

If you want to learn what to do to help yourself and protect your future health, this test will take out the guess work for you.


How Long Does The Test Take

The test takes less than five minutes to complete and requires a follow up consultation in order to go through the test results with you, so you fully understand how best to implement changes into your diet and lifestyle.

We offer a list of other tests, please see the menu and see if we can help you.



Who carries out the treatment

Your DNA test, along with any other of our tests on offer, will be carried out with a professional and registered Nutritional Therapist.

Are The Tests Invasive

We offer a range of tests, none of which are invasive. Usually the tests involve saliva.  We can advise you in more detail, depending on the test you would like to have carried out.


For appointments and to talk to one of our co-ordinators regarding any of our screening tests, give us a call.  Your test will be explained to you with clear instructions on how to complete the test during your initial 30 minutes consultation.  The tests are all very easy, to carry out, however it’s important for you to be confident in what you need to do. 

We recommend a follow up telephone consultation is booked following any of the diagnostic testing so we can give you the best advice and benefits from the test results.

Please give us a ring on 01536 712219.  Our reception hours are 10am to 4pm, Monday to Sunday, however we have appointments, evenings and weekends. 

We’ll be happy to help.

Initial Consultation DNA Diet & Exercise Test£40
DNA Diet & Exercise Test£259
Recommended Telephone Follow up (60 mins)£99

Request an appointment

To book an appointment for your initial consultation with one of our practitioners for any test, please ring us on 01536 712219.  Our reception is open Monday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm daily.

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*Disclaimer: Please note that results can vary from client to client and that we cannot guarantee outcomes from participating in our Homefield programs.