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Dietary Intolerance Testing

Dietary Intolerance Testing

28th July 2021

Are you feeling tired, bloated, struggle with low mood and energy levels?

Well today, we are going to talk about the negative impact that your food can have on your body and how to make changes for the better.

Did you know that thousands of people have food intolerances and don’t even know it? So, what exactly is a food intolerance and most importantly, how can you identify which foods you are intolerant to?

We Are What We Eat!

There is no doubt that your food and drink choices have a massive impact on your body. Eating junk food, snacking on sugar, drinking alcohol and not providing your body with the right kind of nutrition leads one way only – hello weight gain, bloating, lethargy and headaches. But did you know that eating healthy foods that our body is intolerant to is just as bad?

What is the Difference Between a Food Intolerance and a Food Allergy?

Simply put, the difference between a food intolerance and food allergy is the point at which it impacts your body. A food intolerance impacts the digestive system whereas a food allergy impacts the immune system.

A food allergy can be fatal whereas a food intolerance although it can be debilitating, is not fatal.

Symptoms of Food Intolerance

Symptoms of food intolerance varies for each person, you can get one or multiple symptoms, here is a list of common symptoms –
· Bloating
· Abdominal pains
· Bad skin
· Headaches
· Insomnia
· Irritability

What is Dietary Intolerance Testing?

Dietary intolerance testing at Homefield Grange, also known as a dietary sensitivity test is a painless, non-invasive test. Using the Di Etx machine to measure your body’s electrical resistance. It is a simple rod placed into your hand, each food type is then tested in turn. The testing lasts for about 50 mins with results delivered to you during your session.

Meet Our Practitioners

We have two practitioners at Homefield Grange who are qualified to carry out the Dietary Intolerance Testing. They have been with the team for many years and have helped hundreds of clients.

“Clients often come to us with unexplained symptoms and suspicions about food that they are intolerant to. They feel better when they identify foods causing an issue. Simply cutting the food out of their diet for 2 months and gradually reintroducing the food that they are intolerant to does a world of good”


“I … had a lovely consultation with Judy about food intolerance. She helped me to understand the effects of the wrong foods on my health. Good advice that will help me to continue looking after myself outside of my visit to the retreat.”

197enders – Tripadvisor

If you would like to book your Dietary Intolerance Test as part of your residential package or as a stand alone treatment get in touch with the Homefield Grange team who will be happy to help you.

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