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Coming Soon – New Detox in a Box!

Coming Soon – New Detox in a Box!

7th May 2021

Introducing Our Brand New Detox in a Box! 

It’s been such a long time since we’ve welcomed you through our doors and we miss you all so much! We know that you’ve been missing our health and wellness retreats too, so we’ve put together an amazing five day detox kit that we’ve called Detox in a Box designed for you to use to detox in the comfort of your own home. Which we think is the very next best thing to visiting Homefield Grange in person!
Detoxing is a fantastic way to take charge of our heath and kickstart the good habits we need to supercharge our future physical and emotional wellbeing.

What’s in the Detox Box?

Our Detox in a Box kit contains everything you need to detox for five days and has been put together by our dedicated team of health professionals to ensure your detox is successful.
This 5 day programme includes our – 
  • Organic cold pressed juices
  • Vegan friendly soups
  • Protein balls
  • Nut milks
  • Supplements
  • Daily motivational videos
  • Live Q&A session
  • Post detox guidance with meal recipes and lifestyle tips have all been carefully planned to help and support you through and after your detox.


Detox at Home Results

A number of our valued customers that have already undertaken our detox in a box and have lost between 5 and 10lbs of their body weight over the five days and they tell us they’ve never felt better.
What’s more, our nutritionally balanced juices and soups help to manage hunger, beat sugar cravings and reduce that oh-so familiar bloated belly that we can easily experience from eating a poor diet and living everyday life.
As well as weight loss, undertaking a detox can benefit the immune system and boosts energy levels. But the benefits don’t stop at just physical.
Emotionally, our Detox in a Box has been developed to help you break poor eating and drinking patterns such as over eating, emotional eating and relying on common crutches such as caffeine, alcohol and sugary, carb loaded comfort foods.
Detoxing leaves you feeling empowered to take back the control over your diet and lifestyle and to give you the body confidence that you deserve.
Taking on a detox is great for our health, but there are times when you might struggle to stay motivated. Which is why we think our Detox in a Box is perfect because unlike some other ‘at home’ detox programmes, it’s the practical advice we share with you in our videos that will ensure you keep you on track to achieving great results easily.
You’re most definitely not on your own – even though we can’t physically be by your side, we’re 100% behind you every step of the way!
Our kit also contains free access to our membership site which is packed with super nutritious, filly and tasty meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner for after your five day
There is a saying that goes, “How you feel tomorrow, starts today.” We believe that life is simply too short to not feel great everyday.
If you’re wanting change, subscribe to our email or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know when our Detox in a Box is ready – it’s time for a new you!

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