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Chat with Nathan, Homefield Grange Retreats Head Chef.

Chat with Nathan, Homefield Grange Retreats Head Chef.

23rd September 2021

A key element of a guest’s stay at Homefield Grange is focused on shifting their perspective about what they put into our bodies.  As Head Chef, Nathan is a major part of this, from making guests beautiful delicious plant based food to educating them about steps to change those bad habits.

Today we are having a chat to Nathan about his role at Homefield Grange.

If you have eaten with us you will be surprised to hear that Nathan was originally a book keeper when he decided in his early thirties that book keeping was simply not for him.

New Challenge

Nathan wanted a new challenge and to do something that he was passionate about. As chance would have it a local pub were looking for someone to help in the kitchen, this is when Nathan decided that being a chef was the direction that he wanted to go. Since then he has worked in a prison and set up his own business, Farrinheight Foods where he and his partner have teamed up to create a plant based street food vendor business at farmers markets and supper clubs.

Joining the Team 

Nathan joined the Homefield Grange team in 2019, he is responsible for planning delicious and nutritious meals. In addition to slaving away in the kitchen, Nathan runs talks with guests about healthy eating.

Homefield Grange Juices are created to be less than 700 calories, our real food meals are created with less than 1000 calories for the day.  Although we have a benchmark of calories to help Nathan to compile the guests menus it is important not to overly focus on calories, the team emphasises the importance of the quality of the food that we consume.

The meals and juices are all based around organic food where possible, removing all of the nasties such as processed sugars and too much salt, created freshly daily.

The favourite part of Nathan’s role is showing guests how easy it is to make great healthy plant based meals easily.

Nathan’s Tip

Nathan’s tip is to “Eat a rainbow” which I think sounds lovely! By making sure that you have a variety of colours on your plate means that you are going to ensure that you have a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Don’t forget if you are a member of our membership site you have access to a wide range of recipes that have been created in house for guests.

Want to find out more, take a look at our Health Kitchen 

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