Is a Weight Loss Retreat Right for Me?

15th August 2022

If your weight is an issue you struggle with, then you’re probably tired of the frustrations that come with trying to shed those stubborn pounds. While it may sound easy...

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How to Lose Weight in Your Face

25th July 2022

Are you struggling with stubborn face fat that is affecting your self-esteem and making you feel glum every time you look in the mirror? Never fear! At Homefield Grange, we’d...

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Is Hypnotherapy Effective for Weight Loss?

23rd March 2022

What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is a tool that some therapists use to help individuals reach a state of total relaxation. During a hypnotherapy session, practitioners believe that the unconscious and...

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Amazing Celebrity Weight Loss – 2021

20th December 2021

Recently, there have been several celebrities showing off their new bodies following dramatic weight loss. In case you’ve missed them, we’ve seen: Coleen Nolan Coleen who lost 2 – 3...

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Top Weight Loss Tips For January

28th December 2020

Overdone it over Christmas?  Well, you won’t be alone.  The problem is that this year, many of us will have gone into Christmas with some extra lockdown weight, and getting...

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The Key to Effective Weight Loss

4th April 2019

People often ask ‘What is the secret to losing weight?’ when they see a friend drop a few dress sizes, or they have a target date that they want to lose weight in time for. We see so many ads for ‘miracle weight loss pills’, or diets that have helped celebrities to lose weight and plenty of people are happy to part with their hard earned cash in the hope that they too can shed the pounds.

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