Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

23rd September 2021

We often see people who really struggle to lose weight and/or maintain their ideal weight. It can be very frustrating when you feel you are doing all the “right” things,...

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Why is it Important to Detox your Body?

18th March 2021

The Importance of a Body Detox  The word ‘detox’ seems to be everywhere now, with lifestyle gurus and social media influencers using the word freely to describe whatever health fad...

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Top Weight Loss Tips For January

28th December 2020

Overdone it over Christmas?  Well, you won’t be alone.  The problem is that this year, many of us will have gone into Christmas with some extra lockdown weight, and getting...

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How Juicing Can Help With Weight Loss

22nd December 2020

At Homefield, we offer a choice of our Juice Cleanse or our Light Diet option.  Both are very effective for cleansing and alkalising the body and kickstarting weight loss. But...

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Help! I overdid it at Christmas!

7th January 2020

So, despite your good intentions you overdid it over the Christmas period and are now regretting it!  All too often this season of over-indulgence leaves us feeling exhausted, bloated, with...

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Miraculous Measles?

17th October 2019

Following on from our blog about the common cold virus killing cancer cells (Three Cheers for The Common Cold) there is more research that suggests nature knows better than us...

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Three cheers for the common cold!

17th October 2019

It’s that time of year when we start stocking up on cold remedies, and are being urged to book ourselves in for a flu vaccination.  But while flu can be...

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Hold The Line For Fertility! ?

31st July 2019

and general health……….. We have all become so attached to our mobile phones.  We feel lost without them, panicked that someone might not be able to get hold of us...

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