23 Mar Budget Detox Holiday as featured in Easy Living Magazine Q&A

Q. I wonder if you could give me any ideas of somewhere to go that isn’t too expensive (my budget is around £700) where I could lose weight and get fit and healthy. I’ve looked at boot camps, but I had a major operation last year so don’t think I can do all those exercises! Just would love to lose a few pounds and detox!

A. Two of my favourite websites for planning this sort of holiday are www.wellbeingescapes.co.uk and www.essentialescapes.com. Both have bags of brilliant options around the world, from detox mini breaks in spain, to month long Ayurvedic retreats in India. But most are over your £700 budget.

I think your best bet is to stay closer to home. I’ve heard great things about Homefield Grange in Northamptonshire run by Naturopath Suzanne Peck. Their effective conbination of organic juices, colonic irrigation and yoga classes offer a no pain way to get your glow back and lose a few pounds.

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