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How Effective are Body Wraps for Weight Loss?

How Effective are Body Wraps for Weight Loss?

5th July 2022

If you are keen to shed a few pounds in time for summer, you’re probably already doing several things to achieve your goal. The most obvious ways to achieve weight loss are exercise and alterations to your diet. But there are several other tools that many people find help them shed a few stubborn pounds.

For example, you may have developed an interest in body wraps, many of which claim to help you lose weight with ease. But how effective are weight loss wraps – and should you be including these slimming wraps in your weight-loss routine?

Let’s start by shining the spotlight on body wraps in general and finding out what they are and how they work.

What is a body wrap for weight loss?

Body wraps are included on spa menus the world over. While many of them sound alluring, it can be difficult to work out exactly what they are and how they will benefit you. To make things more confusing, there are several different types of wrap available. So, how do you go about choosing the right one for your body?

Let’s have a look at the different types of wrap and unpack the science behind them.

Neoprene body wrap

There is a touching scene in the film, ‘The Full Monty’, where a lovable overweight character named Dave attempts to shrink his sizeable belly. He does this by wrapping himself in clingfilm while sitting in his garden shed, morosely eating a chocolate bar.

Dave’s homemade body wrap may have been misguided, but there are genuine body wraps available that aren’t much different. These wraps involve swathing your body in neoprene to lose weight. Supposedly, this kind of wrap will increase your body temperature and help you to shed a few pounds by literally burning them away.

Unfortunately, we do not recommend this kind of wrap. Even if it does result in weight loss, it will only be a temporary reduction in water weight, as opposed to body fat. Besides, these wraps can actually be unsafe, as they can lead to both overheating and dehydration.

Detoxification wraps

A detoxification wrap consists of strips of material that have been soaked in a blend of herbs and minerals. The herbs have been chosen especially for their fat-busting properties. These strips of fabric are wrapped around your body and left in place for up to an hour. The goal is to infuse your body with their natural goodness and promote weight loss. Often, these wraps include a gentle but thorough exfoliation and a relaxing massage, to improve your circulation.

Whether these detox wraps do actually strip away a few pounds is uncertain. Yet, many people report feeling lighter following their treatment, with smoother and more supple skin.

Infrared body wraps

Infrared body wraps are frequently offered by wellness clinics and medical spas, which tout them as an effective weight-loss tool. Some people even claim they can be used to contour areas of your body that you would like to appear more toned, such as your belly and your hips.

When you go for an infrared body wrap, you will lie down on a bed in a treatment room and technicians will cover you in a thick blanket sewn with heat-activated pads. They will then shine an infrared light overhead on your body, with rays that will penetrate up to 1.5 inches into your skin.

Supposedly, this infrared light will trigger weight loss by causing you to sweat. The infrared is also supposed to stimulate your metabolism. In fact, some proponents claim it can burn up to 1400 calories in a single session! It is also recommended for reducing cellulite and soothing strained muscles.

Heat wraps

As the name suggests, a heat wrap is designed to spike your body temperature to bring about weight loss. Usually, these wraps involve the application of a topical heat cream to your body, which will then be covered by a layer of plastic. The heat generated by the combination of cream and plastic covering will penetrate the skin down to the fat layer, and your body will begin naturally burning that fat away.

Do slimming wraps really work?

As you can see, there are many different body wraps available, each of them claiming to bring about several health benefits. Weight loss is featured highly among them. But do they really work?

Unfortunately, there is very little evidence that body wraps bring about genuine weight loss. In most cases, the drop in weight is only temporary, and is caused by decreased water retention. Within a few hours, this weight will be restored, as your body rehydrates.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that slimming wraps are entirely lacking in benefits. Herbal body wraps designed for detoxification can give your body a welcome dose of essential vitamins and minerals. They can also help you sweat away any stubborn toxins that could be inhibiting your health. At the very least, a herbal wrap leaves you feeling intensely relaxed and restored, which is an undeniably important benefit in itself.

Create a holistic weight-loss plan with help from the experts

Here at Homefield Grange, we understand that weight loss is a holistic process that needs to be approached from several angles. So, while we recommend our Luxury Detox & Slimming Wrap, which infuses your body with a whopping 104 different vitamins and minerals, we also offer other helpful weight-reduction options.

These range from nutritional consultations to dietary intolerance testing, and even hypnotherapy to help with poor eating habits and self-sabotage.

Whichever option you choose, with the help of our dedicated experts, it won’t be long before you are well on the way to a slimmer and healthier new you!

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