23 Mar ‘Bikini Boot Camp’ as featured on MailOnline

The A-list holidays that’ll give you a beach-ready body in just a week….


The best place to detox in the UK. Remember that brilliant show Super Skinny Me? Well, this is where journalist Kate Spicer went on her quest to get to a size 0. Set in the middle of postcard perfect countryside, guests enjoy effective detox juicing programmes on a weekly and weekend basis. You drink only fresh organic juices and broths and also have a colonic cleanse at the beginning and at the end of your fast. Guests may opt for Blood Analysis, which shows you how your body is working and what needs to be addressed to relieve things like stress, illness and tiredness. During your detox you are pampered daily, with treatments such as body brushing, facials, aqua detox, massage and even eyelash tinting. You leave feeling refreshed, revitalised and glowing.

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