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Botox, Fillers & Facial Thread Lifts

Homefield Dr Wynand de JagerDr Wynand de Jager

Aesthetic expert Dr de Jager leads our medispa services at Homefield.  Dr de Jager believes in a natural approach to aesthetics and looks at the whole face, rather than just focusing on problem areas.  Dr de Jager keeps himself up to date with his technique delivery in this fast paced industry.  His continual commitment to training ensures that you will be in safe and well practiced hands.

Dr de Jager offers a free, no obligation consultation before any treatments are carried out.  You will also be offered a free two week follow up consult post therapy if needed.



Botulinum Toxin to give it it’s full name is used as a line softener and wrinkle corrector for the face.  It is often used around the forehead, for crows feet, jowls and lower facial area and frown lines.  Treatment lasts for 3 months, when usually a follow up appointment will be required, or it can be used as a one off for a special occasion.  A two week follow up appointment is offered to every client which is free of charge.


As we age, our facial muscles lose their volume.  Fillers are designed to replace the volume of youth, soften deep lines and wrinkles and help contour the cheeks and jaw lines.  Fillers can also be used to add plumpness and fullness to the lips.  Typically fillers will last up to 18 months. A free two week follow up appointment is offered to every client free of charge.

Facial Thread Lifts

Tiny threads are placed just under the skin to produce a lifting affect on the face. This treatment needs no downtime and is carried out with local anaesthetic.  It’s perfect for clients who want to eliminate sagging without the surgery and for a natural rejuvenation affect without drastically affecting the appearance of the face. Facial threading gives immediate effects.  Your particular requirements will be discussed at consultation with the doctor.

Why Homefield?

  • You’ll be in safe hands
  • Doctor led aesthetic services
  • Discreet venue – you don’t have to face your world until your ready
  • Free parking right at our front door
  • Evening appointments available
  • Extensive treatment list for weight loss, beauty, detox and skin rejuvenation.
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Experienced and professional – we opened in 2005
  • Relaxing and welcoming venue, run by professional staff


Ring us on 01536 712219 to discuss your needs.  We’ll be happy to help. Reception hours 9am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday.  

Botox, Fillers, Facial Thread Lift

Initially you’ll have a consultation with your practand your medical questionnaire will be reviewed. Contraindications will be discussed at a face to face consultation and the targeted treatment area will be examined.  


Would It Suit Me

Every person is individual, which is why no treatment will be carried out or recommended until a full consultation has taken place between you and the doctor.  Ring us on 01536 712219 between 9am and 6pm to book your consultation with our doctor.


When Will I See Results?

Results are often immediate.  Botox normally takes up to 48 hours to have its full effect.




What's the aftercare advice

Comprehensive post treatment guidelines will be given to you at the time of your treatment, but bear in mind the following:

  • Refrain from any exercise for 48 hours
  • Do not use any sauna or heat experiences for 48 hours.
  • Do not use a sun bed for a couple of days
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours

What can botox help with

Botox can help to soften lines and wrinkles, it is also very effective at relieving headaches and migraines, including relieving tension that excessive frowning can create.


Who carries out the treatment?

Your treatments are carried out by Dr Wynand de Jager, a fully qualified, insured and experienced practitioner.  The doctors approach is to ensure your features and expressions remain natural looking and ensures a natural finish. 

Dr de Jager carries out his treatments to the highest standards. 

Beautiful skin is a must these days – and no one needs to look their age anymore. Paying attention to your diet and lifestyle habits is vital if you want to stay young. Here are some top tips to keep you smiling:

Stay Hydrated – 8 glasses of water a day is vital for young looking skin.

Eat Plenty of fresh fruit and veggies – yes, we know you hear this all the time, however it’s the antioxidants within these foods that stop the cells from growing old.

Avoid Stress – if only it was that easy.  We all get stressed from life, however learn to let go and relax.  Try walking, meditation, singing, dancing around the lounge, reading a book, watching something funny on the tv.

Good skin regime – look at what you’re putting on your skin.  Everyone needs a good cleansing, toning and moisturising regime to keep the skin in tip top condition.

Sleep Well – your skin cells repair between 10pm and 8am in the morning. Ensure you’re getting enough rest, and get a couple of early nights in each week.

Sunshine – if you’re going out in hot weather, or on holiday somewhere exotic, remember to get the sun lotion out.  Ideally look at a 30 SPF factor.

Make up – if you wear it, always remove it before bedtime – it’s a cardinal sin not to.


We guarantee that you’ll be looked after and under the careful direction of our resident Doctor, Dr Wynand de Jager, you’ll have a full consultation and discussion before proceeding with any treatment.  We wouldn’t carry out any treatment until we were certain you are happy.

About Dr de Jager

Dr de Jager’s approach to aesthetics is to create the best looking version of you, in a natural way.  He believes that keeping your features with movement and expression is an important part of a successful result.  In an industry that is constantly changing, Dr de Jager believes in the ethos that ‘less is more’ and has remained ahead of the curve in terms of his techniques and delivery. 

Your consultation is free and you are under no obligation to undertake any treatment. 


Botoxfrom £200
Fillersfrom £300
Facial Thread Liftfrom £350

Prices are a guideline only, as each client’s needs are highly personalised. Your doctor will offer you the best advice and together you can make a decision on how best to move forward with treatments.

Call our reception 9am to 6pm to book your initial consultation for a younger you. We’ll be happy to help.  

Telephone 01536 712219 or email us



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We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and offer weekend and evening appointments to suit.  Our co-ordinators are on hand daily, (Monday to Sunday), between 10am and 4pm.  

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